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About Project World Peace (PWP)


PWP is created to help the world. It addresses many big issues of today. It is an ongoing work and provides information, quotes, resources and personal explorations of these lifestyles. It is a sincere effort to bring peace, love and solar culture to this world. Will you choose this Path?

PWP is centred around Natural Family Living: natural approaches to pregnancy, birth, bonding, parenting (attachment parenting), education (lifelong autonomous learning including home education), extended family, community, culture and spirituality.
This synergy of approaches enables us to 'Cut the Gordian Knot'. The knot is the complicated frantic dangerous modern world we live in. We can save the world!

Earth Magic


Some of the main pages of Project World Peace are:-
Female eyes have a strong presence in a fantasy forest

News Sources Used by PWP

For many years, I have used the BBC a lot as it has no adverts. But due to their newly-appointed Director General (appointed June, started September 2020), and their probable new Chair (a major Conservative party donor), they seem to have become like most of the ‘free media’ = propaganda mouthpieces for the billionaire oligarchs and their puppets, the Government.
Like most of the mainstream press, the BBC too are being constrained so as to subtly
brainwash the people.
An example of this is how the existential Climate and Ecological Emergency, regarded as a fact by up to 99% of scientists, is "complicated", falsely balanced, downplayed and
even regarded as opinion. As Greta Thunberg says (10 September 2020), if we are to have a small chance, this issue needs to dominate the news. Also see here, here, here.
For now, I sometimes use the BBC - as no adverts - but beware its (relatively) new right wing status. Also see
here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here
, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

The only mainstream UK newspaper I tolerate is The Guardian, but it has adverts (yet not as invasive as some websites). I am using it as my major source of news. I only 'tolerate' it as it seems to be under the control of the terrible HSBC - and so we have greenwashing, removing articles, etc. Also see here, here, here, here, here.
Non-mainstream, I use AlterNet, Byline Times, CounterPunch, Daily Kos, Declassified UK, Double Down News, New Internationalist, New Statesman, openDemocracyReal Media, Scheerpost, The Canary, The Conversation, The Intercept, Truthout.

Extinction Rebellion block Rupert Murdoch printworks with two amazing bamboo structures, a person atop each, many police around bamboozled
Extinction Rebellion exposing that we do not have a free press - read in-depth here, here

Political View of PWP

For me it is not so much about politics.
It is not so much about socialism vs. capitalism.
It is about moral failure.

"…it shouldn’t be about left or right. It’s about right and wrong."
(Carole Cadwalladr, The Guardian, posted and accessed 5 February 2023)

It is about Love.
If you look at the life of Jesus Christ - as an example of the Path of Love - it just so happens his life story resembled:-
Can we go beyond politics to a Culture of Love, a Solar Culture?

Solar landscape, soft clouds, mountain lakes and peaks

Other Issues

PWP, contrary to popular opinion, asserts that God exists.
This is knowledge, not belief.

PWP has a pro-Nature stance.
PWP asserts Barry Commoner’s Third Law of Ecology = Nature knows best. Humankind has fashioned technology to improve upon nature, but such change in a natural system is likely to be detrimental to that system.

PWP receives no gifts or donations or funding from companies or individuals.

PWP's articles/webpages are often improved/updated. You can see when the page was last updated at the very bottom of each page.

PWP aims to minimise criticising and condemning what has happened or is happening.
Rather it tries to: assess the situation, discuss what exists, and offers preferable or interesting alternatives or complements

Your courteous feedback is welcome and - if you give permission - may be published on the Project World Peace website.

Please inform me of any broken links. Please note that, dependent on how your email program is configured, the Contact Bruce hyperlink may not work for you. If this is the case, please use the following, where the @ symbol is substituted for '[at]': bruce[at]

If this website helps you, give thanks and go help all creatures!

Earth Kids

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