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About Project World Peace (PWP)

PWP is created to help the world. It addresses many big issues of today. It is an ongoing work and provides information, quotes, resources and personal explorations of these lifestyles. It is a sincere effort to bring peace, love and solar culture to this world. Will you choose this Path?

PWP is centred around Natural Family Living: natural approaches to pregnancy, birth, bonding, parenting (attachment parenting), education (lifelong autonomous learning including home education), extended family, community, culture and spirituality.

This synergy of approaches enables us to 'Cut the Gordian Knot'. The knot is the complicated frantic dangerous modern world we live in - and you can help cut it

Earth Magic

Some of the main pages of Project World Peace are:-
Earth Kids

This website aims to avoid criticising and condemning what has happened or is happening.
Rather it tries to: assess the situation, discuss what exists, and offer preferable or interesting alternatives or complements

Your courteous feedback is welcome and - if you give permission - may be published on the Project World Peace website. Please inform me of any broken links.

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