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Wolf Fantasy
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Moon Humans
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Ballerina Angel
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Human as Tree
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Animal, Human and Angel

One way of mapping a person is as a combination of animal, human and angel. These three aspects of a human being are all important. The instinctual animal allows us to live on Earth in a balanced way, the conscious human brings personal and collective transformation, whilst the angel reminds us of our true nature. Unfortunately, civilised and modern society is greatly upsetting the balance between animal and human. This is outlined in the evolutionary psychology articles - see here and here.


Animal is not less than the other two aspects. It is a symbol for our physical body. The animal can perhaps be visualised as a dog or other mammal. Its health and value is vital. This animal instinctively births naturally (see here and here), attachment parents and is closely aware of its surroundings. For these reasons, the animal can actually be seen as superior to humans. Animals are far more authentic and present.

Wolf Fantasy

Human brings consciousness and free will. Whereas both the animal and angel are fairly fixed in their natures, the human has a huge amount of flexibility.
The animal does useful things to survive, whereas the human might do something for a challenge, for art, for eroticism [9m30s], for wisdom.
The human is often faced with conflicts of interest. So, the human quality of freedom can become corrupted and lead to all sorts of inhuman, cruel behaviour. The barbaric sides of patriarchy and religion are examples. Given the 'right' circumstances, we can all do bad things (e.g. see here and here). We are also capable of manifesting on Earth a harmonious, co-operative society of Love - a Solar Culture
We must cut through the Gordian Knot of current society, co-operate with our animal and angel natures, to manifest this Golden Age.

Moon Humans

Angel is like a seed of light or Sun within us, that tells us what we really are. This is the gold within us, the philosopher's stone. Whilst on Earth, this seedling can be developed into the Body of Glory. It is our nature after death. Angelic love is described here.

Ballerina Angel

A violin must be tuned before something nice can be played on it. Similarly, a human being must be attuned to earthly [animal] and heavenly [angel] forces before the person can be expected to be good or do good. This starts with attachment parenting and continues throughout life as we lead lives in harmony with Nature and Spirit.

Animal-human-angel can be seen as a plant. The animal is the roots. The human is the intermediary stem - communing with Earth/roots and Sky/Sun/heaven - and is growth or alchemy. The angel is both the seed (the innate vision of what we truly are) and the fruit and even part of the Sun.

Human as tree

"There is the earth and there is heaven: they both seek our attention, and we must learn how to work for the one and for the other, first ensuring we make a clear distinction between earthly material values and spiritual values. For as long as we are on the earth, there is no question of abandoning it. But we must place our feet only on the ground; and hold our head in heaven, that is to say, put wisdom and love into all our activities so that everything we do brings us closer the divine world.
To illustrate this, I would say that we must see our life on earth like that of plants. Look at trees – they remain fixed to the ground, but thanks to the water and light they receive from above, they transform the earth and foster its evolution by bearing flowers and fruit. Trees show us how to work on the earth while also directing ourselves towards heaven. And this is another lesson nature teaches us: not only must we not neglect the earth, matter, we must also try to transform it." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)

"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."


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