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All photos via
Bruce Mitchell & Denise Stephani
Butterfly Haven Castle - Building It

The building process took about five years, from about 1999-2004.
It cost about £500,000 to buy/transform, and quite a bit of this was borrowed.
When it was sold in 2007, it broke even. The considerable loan could be repaid. All remaining money has long since disappeared...
In 2007 - when it was sold for ±R7 million [£500,000] - this was about 7½ times the cost of an average house in South Africa. However, at that time, the average house price in London was £300,000 and £180,000 elsewhere in the UK.
Today [2019] £500,000 
is merely the value of an average house in London or double that elsewhere in the UK. 
So, although it could be seen as a moneyed venture in South African terms, in UK terms it may seem very ordinary.

Whatever your take, it was always felt to be done on a tight budget.
Anyway, now to the photos of Building It, added in approximate chronological order:-

Building It 1
Double garage before property was acquired

Building It 2
Note all the invasive alien gum trees [c.f. Great Fire of 2000]

Building It 3
Gum trees have been removed

Building It 4

Building It 5
Last look at the double garage...

Building It 6

Building It 7
Maybe we should have left it like this?

Building It 8

Building It 9

Building It 10
Removing lower level window...

Building It 11
...and filling it in with bricks

Building It 12
Arches to Tower of Level 2 & Level 3

Building It 13
Crane adds...

Building It 14
...roof slabs

Building It 15
Preparing Level 1 bath area

Building It 16
Adding the kitchen to Level 2

Building It 17
Kitchen is getting there

Building It 18
Building inspector checks on progress

Building It 19
Further progress to Level 1 bath area...

Building It 20 can see the large sandstone tiles stacked upright, ready to be laid

Building It 21
Scaffolding arrives...

Building It 22

Building It 23

Building It 24

Building It 25
Nearly done...

Building It 26
...and scaffolding is about to vanish...

Building It 27

Building It 28

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