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Spiritual teachings often exhort us to Be Here-Now.
For example Eckhart Tolle's "
Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have."
Indeed, I have articles on my website urging presence:-
Even the brain discards so many memories to survive, to stop us being overwhelmed.

However, one thing that is rarely explained is that the present is intricately interwoven with the past and future. As my Celtic Shaman teacher Ceridwen taught me, time is like a spiderweb.


If you were to be totally present (only aware of the centre of the web), you would not remember anything and suffer like Clive Wearing who is essentially imprisoned in the present. Apart from his wife and certain memories (like ability to still play piano), he can't remember more than a few seconds. The present has become an isolated disconnected point, the past a void, the future meaningless.

Another danger of being too here-now is that you believe you have no responsibilities. I believe you do have a responsibility: to love yourself and others as best you can.

So, there are things influencing the Here-Now from your past and your future.
  • Some of the stuff from your past may be disturbing, pulling you out of the Here-Now. You are working on freeing yourself of its intensity.
  • Some of your past may be supporting you, like ancestors, helpful past lives or positive experiences in this life. You want to remain connected to these without becoming excessively preoccupied with them.
  • Some of your future may be awakening in the Here-Now of today. You may be choosing to plant the seeds of your future and that of future generations - or not (if you prefer a non-attached path) - or a bit of both. You have a high ideal as an anchor into your/our future. Whatever is the case, cords to people and ideas may activate today. This is the mystery.
Whatever is happening will you let Love emerge, choose to Love now?

So, perhaps take with you two understandings:-
  1. Being Here-Now means being mainly here-now. Yet also with cordage to the past and future.
  2. Emphasise Being Love-Now.
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