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Pregnancy silhouette Birth Easily Quotes

Birth is safe, interference is risky. (Carla Hartley)

Much of the stress of labour is preventable because many of the stressors are not inherent to labour. (Penny Simkin)

Women today rely on the props of drugs, machines and other people instead of relying on themselves and their bodies to do the work of labour. (Diony Young)

Do not disturb the mother. [This refers to both during labour and after birth.] (Michel Odent cited here, dated 2012, accessed 13 September 2018)

To be realistic is to expect your birth to be wonderful. (Naolí Vinaver)

Twin Babies asleep on bedding

No matter what the end result, women are generally happier with their births if they feel like they are making the decisions and not being scared or coerced.
(Marlene Waechter, dated 2018, accessed 13 September 2018)

When faced with bullying, I advise women to say: “Excuse me, but I do not have to do anything. This is my body and my baby and I am the one who decides what I will do. I am paying you to give me the benefit of your advice; whether or not I take it is entirely up to me.” (Beverley Beech)

Muscles send messages to each other. Clenched fists, a tight mouth, a furrowed brow, all send signals to the birth-passage muscles, the very ones that need to be loosened. Opening up to relax these upper-body parts relaxes the lower ones. (William and Martha Sears)

A calm, watchful, loving presence protects the fragile harmony of birth; frantic coaching has never been part of nature’s plan. (Pam England)

Universe Angel

There is no one “right” way to birth, but there is an optimal way for each woman to birth. An individual woman may or may not fit the status quo mold that doctors like to promote. They want things done fast and efficiently (for them), with as little chance of getting sued as possible. It is up to each woman to find her ideal way. The more you read, the more you will know, the more choices you will have.
There are many good ways to help stay relaxed and not fear in
labor, but the birthing mom must internalize and believe in a method. While significant physical exertion is involved in labor, much is mind-over-matter, as well. In short, fear makes labor worse! It may be fear of the intensity of the contractions, of the responsibility of parenthood, or even something seemingly as unrelated as whether or not a divorce is final or the laundry is done. (Yes, believe it or not, those are some examples of fears I have encountered that have hindered clients’ labors!)
In general, animals tend to have easier
labors than humans, because they act on instinct, not fear. Amish women tend to have easier, faster labors, not only because they are used to hard physical work in their daily lives and do not eat a lot of processed junk food (though they do indulge occasionally), but also because they do not fear birth. Their mothers, aunts, and sisters all had births without hospitals, doctors, or epidurals; it is not the great unknown to them as it is for many “English” (what they call those of us whose primary language is English rather than Pennsylvania Dutch). They are used to and ready for hard work; they do not shirk it; they embrace it. We all can, too! (Marlene Waechter, dated 2018, accessed 13 September 2018)

Earth Birth

Women want a sacred space for birthing that is their own, where they can feel the mystery of birth and at the same time try to master the process in the way that they choose. (Michele Klein)

Whenever and however you give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life. (Ina May Gaskin)

The parallels between making love and giving birth are clear, not only in terms of passion and love, but also because we need essentially the same conditions for both experiences: privacy and safety. (Sarah Buckley)

Remember that each labor contraction is caused by a wave of oxytocin (the love hormone) coursing through your body. So, very literally, each birthing surge is a surge of love. Allow yourself to meet each surge with the same warmth, intimacy, and acceptance that you would experience during a kiss or a loving embrace. (Lauralyn Curtis)

Dancing Couple [Tango] societies where genital sexuality is highly repressed, women are less likely to have easy births. (We Are All Water Babies by Jessica Johnson & Michel Odent, p.85)

The birthing journey requires us as women to get back to a sense of life basics where our connection to intuition and instinct are normal, rather than a forgotten means of expression. When implemented in pregnancy and labour, the birth dance enables a woman to connect to her feminine source without fear or shame. (Maha Al Musa, Dance of the Womb: The Essential Guide to Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth)

Squat 300 times a day, you’re going to give birth easily. (Ina May Gaskin)

Why are women being told to birth lying down? That’s like trying to take a colossal dump on your back! (Ina May Gaskin)

Giving birth is a highly creative act, possibly the most creative act we can engage in as women. Experiencing birth can help us tap into and align ourselves with a greater creative power. One way to prepare for birth is to become comfortable with our own creative powers. The more we trust in our creative process, the more open we can be to the creative power of birth. Creativity is about expression; when we give voice to our deepest, innermost selves, we then become comfortable trusting our inner knowing...
Every woman knows how to birth; everyone is a writer [a word she uses for creator of any type] and has a sacred, unique voice. For too many of us this voice was silenced during our formative years, yet it is still there, buried somewhere deep within. 
(Kathleen Furin, f
rom The Birthkit, Number 49, Spring 2006) [So, rediscover your creativity! Before birth: write, journal, paint, draw, sculpt, craft, dance...]
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