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In Birth & Evolutionary Psychology it became clear that natural birth is not what most of us consider to be normal birth in modern society.
TV, movies, video games tell us something else is normal.

Apart from our own birth perhaps, we are told that birth is in a hospital and is traumatic.
medicalised world - where time is money and being sued are major factors - has normalised interventionist and risky hospital birth.
The way I see it is that we have been brainwashed by a medical, moneyed cult. 

Young girls and women do not see their tribe give birth in tune with nature.
Men do not witness and support it either.

The point was made that women need to reclaim birth.
To this end, here is a collection of videos for maidens, women, men and the world.

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Stork in pink cloud carrying wrapped baby

Stork and hospital delivery are rarely the answer.

Both are not really true to Mother Nature.
At least stork delivery symbolises
the arrival of a spiritual soul (the winged bird)
in an earthen vessel (the baby's body)!

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