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Breastfeeding graphic
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Breastfeeding by River
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Breastfeeding & Sexual Arousal Breastfeeding graphic

Just as birth can be sexual, breastfeeding can also be sexual. Orgasm-linked hormones oxytocin and prolactin are
released in sex, birth, and lactation. Mating pheromones are also produced by the breastfeeding mother (see resources below).
So, breastfeeding can be sexy for both the breastfeeding mother and women in her presence. The breastfeeding mother can feel orgasmic, whilst the women around get boosted sexual desires and fantasies.
This is natural and normal. Women are signalling to each other that it is a good environment in which to reproduce.
Many cultures realise this as they encourage newly-weds to spend time around new mothers.
This is what nature wants!!


However, women can feel guilty about feeling sexual whilst doing motherly stuff. But it is all healthy.
Woman is NOT being turned on by baby, nor is she abusing baby. Physiologically, the same systems/hormones are in play, associated with bonding. Mother-Woman bonds with her baby and her community. 

Also, women's breasts are sexualised/trained by modern society, with 80% of women experiencing sexual arousal from nipple stimulation. From this angle, woman's sexual arousal whilst breastfeeding merely demonstrates her socio-cultural sexual conditioning, whilst simultaneously bonding with baby.

Summing up, woman nurtures baby and enhances species at the same time!
Breastfeeding not only has a myriad benefits for mother-baby, it also helps the tribe, acting as tribal aphrodisiac and fertility aid.

Breastfeeding by river

Some other thoughts:-
  • It is amazing how the breast can be nurturing and sexual at the same time. Modern society only really approves of the breast as sexual. Do we not see this in the way caring and love are so undervalued? The planet is raped in the name of money, growth. But where is the Love
  • One consideration for modern men and patriarchal society is - if they want naturally sexy women - they should encourage mothers to breastfeed everywhere all the time! However, men are advised to develop Inner Game first. Anyway, this knowledge could make breastfeeding more socially acceptable. 
Bench Breastfeeding

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