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Blue Mandala
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Butterfly Haven Castle (Bruce Mitchell)

Sorcerer's Cave
(Bruce Mitchell)

(Bruce Mitchell)

Blue MandalaBruce Mitchell Biography

Bruce is Lover, Mystic, Father,
Spiritual Website Creator.
He has also been Videographer, Healer, Guesthouse Manager.
He has no speciality. He aims to care for and illuminate all things in the Web of Life.

Health & Healing
  • Flower Essence Practitioner Certificate with FES (Flower Essence Society).
  • Diploma in Reflexology with Chris Stormer.
  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage with Nandini Dasi.
  • Aromatherapy Bodywork Certificate with Shirley Price Aromatherapy.
  • Qualifications also in: Shiatsu; G-Jo Acupressure; Colour Therapy; Basic Anatomy & Physiology; First Aid; Divorce Mediation; Health & Nutritional Science; NLP; Beauty Care & Personality.
  • Attended other healing courses like: Spiritual Healing, Esoteric Healing, Crystal Healing, Chinese Medicine, Metamorphic Technique, Bach Flower Remedies.
Attachment Parenting
  • Very basic French & Spanish.
  • Diploma in Spanish (240 hours to Level 4) with Academia Andaluza.
  1. BSc (Hons) Open 2:1 and an associated BSc
  2. Diploma of Higher Education Open [like a Foundation Degree]. 
  3. Five Certificates: (1) Natural Sciences; (2) Contemporary Science; (3) Higher Education in Social Sciences; (4) Higher Education in Natural Sciences; (5) Higher Education Open
  4. 30 modules passed. 
  5. 395 credits at Level 1; 165 credits at Level 2; 120 credits at Level 3 (as one credit is 10 hours of learning, 120 credits is one year of full-time study, these 680 credits are nearly six years full-time study or 6800 hours of learning). Details here.
  • Travelled to 41 (of ±200) countries and 6 (of 7) continents.
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver.
  • 'Basic Survival Course' Certificate.
  • Vehicle training includes: Advanced Driving; Carjacking Prevention; Off-Road; Motorcycle Experienced Rider; Superbike School; Yacht Hand & Skipper; HGV.
  • Other adventures include: parachute and bungy jumps, swimming with wild dolphins, Total Warrior, Horses as Teachers.
  • Martial Arts. Trained briefly in: Tai Chi, Karate (Kumi Sooku), Aikido (AFSA), Judo (Jimmy Delaney), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Combat Submission Wrestling (Rick Young), Target Focus Training (Tim Larkin). 
  • Dance: Flamenco, Salsa, Ballroom & Latin, Middle Eastern, Partner Work, Scottish Country, Modern, Expression, Biodanza, 5Rhythms, Shamanic Trance Dance, Shakti Dance, Sufi Whirling, Circle Dancing, Eurhythmy, Paneurhythmy, Sacred Dance. Notable teachers included: Denise Stephani; Masha-Ël; Alex 'El Gato' & Laura Tiguerona. Completed the one year 'Curso Preliminario' of Alianza Flamenca (taught by Tina Delyannis, examined by Linda Vargas). Every day I dance passionately for Great Spirit, for Unity, for Joy, for Love!
  • So many workshops and trainings by diverse teachers over 30+ years! Now living in Glastonbury, I feel like I'm a kid living in a sweet store, such is the delicious variety and quantity available. My highlights would be work with Lilla Bek, Dr Jean Houston, and Celtic shaman Ceridwen (Ceridwen Gwynne-James, Pontweli, Wales).
  • Esoteric Science widely studied, including: yoga, pranayama (breath work), astrology, alchemy, anthropogeny, Kabbala, sacred geometry, numerology, esoteric psychology, transpersonal psychology, parapsychology, the human subtle energy system, tarot, symbolism, angels and mysticism.
  • Claregate College Diploma of Esoteric Science (details there, click to left on 'Courses'). After its completion, Bruce was also awarded two esoteric degrees: Bachelor of Esoterc Science (B. ESc.) and Bachelor of Esoteric Astrology.
  • The White Eagle School of Astrology Primary Certificate.
  • Self-work with aim of serving Great Spirit. Daily work with physical body, emotions, mind and Spirit.
  • See 'Community Work'.
  • Assisted Magda Inglethorpe and Janine Sandler at their College of Esoteric Sciences in Johnannesburg (South Africa) from 1988-1991. This involved a disciplined lifestyle of yoga, pranayama, study of esoteric astrology and science.
  • Alongside Denise Stephani, created a Magical Castle and a Sorcerer's Cave in Cape Town. The project engineer said very few Cape builders could have achieved this. It was a 4 star self-catering guesthouse. It also ran kid's birthday parties and helped the disadvantaged. It featured on SABC's Free Spirit magazine TV show. Butterfly Haven Castle hyperlinks still exist 10 years after its 2007 closure. Read/see more here... 
Butterfly Haven Castle         Sorcerer's Cave
             Butterfly Haven Castle                                        Sorcerer's Cave          

The Sun is Bruce's role model and symbol of God-Goddess or Great Spirit.
Perhaps for you too?

He feels his purpose is to bring Light and Love to Earth.
Maybe you want to do this too?...


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