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Home Birth graphic
(1820796, Pixabay)

State of Birth infographic
(Aubree Ritter, accessed 1 February 2014, used with permission)

Why Choose a Home Birth? infographic
(Aubree Ritter, accessed 1 February 2014, used with permission)

Home Births Attendants infograhic
(Aubree Ritter, accessed 1 February 2014, used with permission)

Woman jumping for joy with women
(FlashBuddy, Pixabay)

Home BirthHome Birth graphic
How many births are at home?
Here is a graph excerpted from an infographic about home birth in the USA:

Home birth in the USA graph 1900-2010

I would like to see this trend reversed so that we see almost all births at home again!
The female body is well designed for birth.
We all need to realise this and reverse the trend!!

Reasons for Choosing Home Birth
Here is another excerpt showing reasons why women choose home birth:

Reasons why women choose home birth infographic

Home Birth Attendants and Unassisted Home Birth
Most will choose a home birth attendant, especially for their first birth.
Unassisted home birth is also possible, with no attendant, which is what we chose for my second son. The book Unassisted Childbirth by Laura Kaplan Shanley brilliantly supported his mother. Also see her Unassisted Childbirth website.
If you choose a home birth attendant, here is another infographic:

Home birth attendants infographic

Home Birth is Organic
For years, we have been told there is NO advantage to organic food.
By the way, I think that organic should be a human right rather than a Rich World luxury.
Now the truth is coming out that organic food is far healthier.
I believe similar applies to organic babies = healthier and a human right.
As Sister MorningStar says:

'Wimyn are resourceful, brave, creative, powerful, wise, holy. What one womyn can do, all wimyn can do.
This is the power of one. You don’t need to be a professional of any sort to see what is happening. Look at your families, your cousins, nieces, sisters. Walk the streets and ask your neighbors. Can you find a womyn who has grown her baby with no technology? No ultrasound or Doppler touching her belly or baby? No tests taking blood from her veins? No papers to sign that say she is taking life-and-death risks by declining the medical or midwifery standard of care? How many mothers do you know who simply eat, sleep, live their life and grow their baby? There are a few. They are rare. If such a mother is carrying a she-child, we are looking at the last of the organically grown specimens of our species with a potential to grow a similar future generation.'
(Excerpt from her powerful article HomeBirth - The Power of One, first published Summer 2017 in Midwifery Today, accessed online 3 January 2018)

If you cannot manage organic, just do your best.
It is NOT about moral superiority, a competition.
Society is not set up to support women, so it is about doing what you can, free from guilt or shame.
Pull others up gently where/when you can. Make it easier for future generations...

Woman jumping for joy with women

Unassisted Birth/Freebirth
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