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Pregnant woman and partner (mariask, Morguefile)

Angel meditating under Sun (Pixabay)

Natural Pregnancy

We can talk about natural pregnancy in terms of wholesome diet and plentiful movement - and much more connected to being instinctual in pregnancy.
Yes, it is very important to meet the needs of the 'animal nature'.

Pregnant woman and partner

But first and foremost a natural pregnancy needs to one which meets the needs of our 'angel nature'. This is one where the mother-to-be is surrounded by a harmonious, luminous, peaceful psychic and physical environment.

In Prenatal Bonding, much was said about this, and this article seeks to emphasise the importance of society, community, family, husband and mother-to-be in creating this sacred space within and around the mother-to-be. As 
O.M. Aïvanhov said:

"When a woman is pregnant, dark entities from the invisible world seek to enter through an open door in her and settle in her child. A mother, through her behaviour, is the one who opens and closes the doors. When a pregnant woman feels thoughts, desires or chaotic feelings pass through her that she has never had before, she must be aware this is proof that dark entities are lingering close by. If she does not resist them or protect herself, these entities will enter the child who will then be visited by these entities throughout their life and be prey to them.
If we are to prepare the best possible future for the young generations to come, it is important to know the realities of the psychic world. A mother therefore needs to be vigilant and to find the ‘keys’, that is to say the light-filled thoughts and feelings, that will close the door to the dark entities, and she will be able to protect her child. As for those close to a mother-to-be – her husband, parents, friends, neighbours, work colleagues – they also need to know this and try to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony around her." 

Angel meditating under Sun

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