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Bud births Flower-Baby
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Nature Goddess
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Bud Pain & Birth

"The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

Pain can drive you deep into yourself.
It can become a shamanic trance journey.
It's spiritual, emotional, physical, primal.
The child is being birthed and also the mother.
The bud is burst asunder to unfold the flower.
Just like in true BDSM, the pain dances with pleasure and topples into orgasmic bliss.
Nature has designed it like this to encourage future births.

Bud births Flower-Baby

If you want all this to happen:-
  • Do not interfere with her or dominate her. Just hold the sacred space, giving her privacy yet offering availability. Or whatever she asks. Listen to her.
  • Society needs to see all this so that birth is not seen as horrendous pain, but rather as a coming-of-age initiation of pain and pleasure. Maiden becomes Goddess. 
  • Natural home births need to be rediscovered and normalised. Birth is so often dramatised as a dangerous medical event, when it rarely is in a supported animal in an harmonious environment. In this way, pain will be perceived as a less- dominating feature of birth. Pain will be subdued.

Nature Goddess

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