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[Barry] Commoner states that the only remedy for the world population crisis, which is the outcome of the abuse of poor nations by rich ones, is "returning to the poor countries enough of the wealth taken from them to give their peoples both the reason and the resources voluntarily to limit their own fertility".
His conclusion is that poverty is the main cause of the population crisis. If the reason behind overpopulation in poor nations is the exploitation by rich nations made rich by that very exploitation, then the only way to end it is to "redistribute [the wealth], among nations and within them".
(Wikipedia, accessed 8 December 2020)

Malthusian & eco-fascist arguments making the rounds is getting tiresome. Problem is over-consumption by the wealthy at the expense of the many. It’s about unequal power relations, maldistribution, class/race/gender inequities, etc.
(Professor Farhana Sultana, 15 November 2020 tweet)

It needs no more than a few figures to see something is not right - almost one billion people go to sleep hungry every night. At the same time, the world produces more than enough food to feed all seven billion of us. Around one billion people are overweight or obese. A staggering 30% of the world’s food is wasted. Our problem today is not one of producing more food, but producing food where it is most needed and in a way that respects nature. The current industrial agriculture system fails to deliver this.
(Ecological Farming - The seven principles of a food system that has people at its heart, Greenpeace, dated May 2015, accessed 17 December 2020)

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Population debates are sexist (control women’s bodies), racist (white anxieties of brown planet), colonial (control again), fetishize growth & consumption (capitalist) + SO MUCH MORE! (Professor Farhana Sultana, 15 November 2020 tweet)

Overpopulation does not threaten the Earth. Greed does. Stop blaming the poor.
(Seen on the internet)

Half the world's population will die as a result of Climate Change in our children's lifetime. (Gail Bradbrook cited in Extinction Rebellion UK 8 December 2020 tweet)

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We are not going to escape the demographic time bomb by moving to outer space, not just because that is impossible, as there is not anywhere near enough to usefully get to, but because – there is no demographic time bomb. There never was a demographic time bomb. (Danny Dorling, New Internationalist, posted 10 June 2020, accessed 29 April 2021)

Overpopulation is racist dogwhistle. (Survival International, 11 July 2021 tweet) [In politics, to dogwhistle is to please your voters - only heard by them - without alienating others.]

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