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Wrong Way man
(geralt, Pixabay)

Trump as Saviour
(Yahoo! News, posted 25 November 2019, accessed 25 September 2020; fair use, educational)

Trump graffiti
(ralfskysegel, Pixabay)

Graphic of silhouette man, arms outstretched to side, sign saying 'Wrong Way' covers his head False Saviour

In Saviour, it was established that the long-awaited World Saviour is actually something we all are being called to do together.
We all must do it now.
Grounding the ‘Saviour’ energy is both a personal project and a collective project.
The personal project
is self-development and purification.
The collective project means that we might join or ally with a group of people to allow the world to be saved. There are so many worthy causes. We are active for that cause.

However, here we look at false saviours. These are often charismatic individuals that appear so strong and helpful that we rather let them lead us to Hell - not that we realise it at the time - than to face the personal and collective work that we are called upon to do, that is to bring Heaven to Earth.

It has a lot in common with (false) Gurus and cults. 
These false saviours distract us from Truth. They can make people complicit in perpetrating atrocities (e.g. Hitler’s Germany).

So, b
eware the announcing or coming of a Saviour!

Here is a recent example using Donald Trump and the Right Wing conspiracy theory QAnon (adapted from George Monbiot (here or here, posted 25 September 2020) and Moira Donegan (posted 20 September 2020, accessed 25 September 2020)):

Far-right politics has a standard script. It goes like this:
A great evil stalks the land.
It’s a plot by a shadowy cabal.
Only a few of us have understood it.
A saviour is needed to rescue us from it.
He is justified in using any measure necessary to root it out.

Donald Trump with glow of 'holy' light behind his head

The QAnon conspiracy theory is a classic of the genre. It claims that a cabal of Democrats, celebrities, the Rothschilds, Bill Gates etc. are abducting children, abusing and torturing them and extracting their blood. Only Donald Trump can rescue the world from this horror.

QAnon is an elaborate fiction dreamed up by Trump fans to meet the psychological needs of those who cannot allow themselves to admit what is plain as day to everyone else: that the man they voted for and support is mendacious [lying], narcissistic, incompetent, corrupt and horrifically unfit, both morally and intellectually, for his office. He is so ostentatiously unfit to be president that the only way even his most ardent supporters can justify his position is to elevate their own denial into a baroque theology in which his opponents are Satanic pedophiles, and he is the defender of the children.

You cannot persuade people to endorse or commit atrocities unless they believe absurdities.

For more on Trump as Saviour, see here, here, here, here, here.

Graffiti of Trump as a devil with horns on brick wall in Australia
"I have joined the political arena so that the powerful can no longer beat up on people that cannot defend themselves. Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it." (D. Trump, 2016)

Another type of False Saviour is the White Saviour. The apparently compassionate white person helps the struggling African with largesse and expertise.
This false white saviour appears to be doing good, appearing exceptional and altruistic, but actually avoiding the systemic change required by Love.
Historically, the only expertise the white truly brought was violence. They created the struggling African through colonialism and slavery.
More appropriate for Rich World countries would be apologies for colonialism and slavery, cancelling Poor World debt, financial reparations, redistribution of the wealth of the superrich and super-corporations.
All the victims of colonialism and slavery need to be empowered. They are as capable as anyone. We are all equal in terms of human rights and we need to treat each other with Love.
For the benefit of everyone, we need a deep change to the money system.
Learn more about 'White Saviour' here, here, here, here, here.

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