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All images are scans of Tarot cards crafted by Bruce Mitchell from many sources
Biblical Tarot - Disks

The suit is linked to money and self-worth and the element is Earth.
The theme is the life and times of Joseph (to me it can be seen as a story of money). 
Exceptions to Joseph theme: Ace, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Prophet, Pilgrim, King.
Additional material is from throughout the Bible with emphasis on well-known stories and correlation with the traditional meanings.
I just could not find enough appropriate pictures from the Joseph story.
Anyway, it feels more rounded to include other famous biblical stories here. 

Ace Disks

God presides over the creation of the Garden of Eden, surrounded by sea, sky and planets. This is the creation of the manifest world of Earth. It is symbolic of prosperity and increase, as well as of material achievement, consolidation and establishment.


Two Disks

Jacob wrestling with the angel. Traditionally this card refers to financial balance and fluctuating fortunes. Here the balancing of wealth is shown as spiritual, such as:-
  • An ongoing inner battle between vice and virtue.
  • Jacob wrestles not so much against the angel, but for the angel. Inner combat or spiritual warfare may at first seem like a struggle against Heaven, but in the end it is a love-play. He now strives for the angel. He has reached the Gabriel of his own inner being. He understands his full potential for transcendence. He struggles to escape the Cosmic until he realises he is the Cosmos.
  • He struggles to gain and retain permanently spiritual illumination. "And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me... And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face" (Genesis 32: 26, 30). He eventually manages it.

Three Disks

Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream. This led him from jail to high favour, as he saved the land from famine. Thus means success through skill.


Four Disks

Jesus drives the merchants and money-changers from the Temple. Jesus was enraged by the mercenary traders who desecrated the Temple precincts and made his Father's house a "den of thieves". Card meaning is financial security with suggestions of hoarding and usury.


Five Disks

God speaking to Job out of the whirlwind. Job, although an example of fortitude and faith, here represents an exceedingly rich man who lost almost everything: cattle, sheep, shepherds, servants, children, health. After discussing it all with three friends, God appears saying, "How can man presume to understand the ways of God and the majesty of His creation?" Overwhelmed Job acknowledged his powerlessness.
Thus this card means loss of faith, poverty - but also shows the way through such difficult times. It is little use to conjecture "why?" It is helpful to nurture fortitude and faith.
After this calamity, Job had his fortunes restored twofold and he had seven sons and three daughters. He lived to see four generations of his children!


Six Disks

This is the lesson of the widow's mite. Jesus comments on how much more spiritual the poor woman is as compared to the wealthy. She gave so little to the Temple whilst the wealthy give so much, yet she gives all she had whilst they only part with a tiny portion of their excess wealth. Her cosmic bank balance will surely overflow at her sincere gesture. The card meaning is about gifts given and received.


Seven Disks

Cutting down the cedars for the Temple. Its
construction took seven-and-a-half years and spanned two kings (David and Solomon). Thus means: gestation, a period of hard work without apparent results or reward. 
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Eight Disks

Jonah cast forth by the giant fish or whale. Jonah resisted his writ from God, leading to the well-known story of being swallowed by the sea creature. He goes on to preach eloquently to Nineveh so that its inhabitants repent against their evil ways. Thus means: new skills (Jonah's preaching rather than his established skill of prophecy).


Nine Disks

Joseph makes himself known to his brethren. Here the focus is on the eminent, well-favoured and rich Joseph. Thus means: pleasure and gain (especially for the individual).


Ten Disks

Jacob and the entire family, poverty-stricken, goeth into abundant Egypt at the invite of Joseph. Thus means: prosperity, financial security (especially for the family/group).

Prophet [Page]

Prophet Disks [Page]

Jeremiah dictating his prophecies. Known for his dismal, dour prophecies of unrelieved gloom, which seems to fit the dull, earthy suit of Disks.

Pilgrim [Knight]

Pilgrim Disks [Knight]

Saint Luke.
Dürer's picture above is not specifically Luke but rather another apostle, but in 1988 I could not find a sufficiently good image of Luke.
Saint Luke was the most scholarly of the gospel writers. Luke's gospel emphasised Christ's work on earth. It also gives the most details of the birth of Jesus.


Queen Disks

Rachel was the favourite of Jacob's two wives. Although barren for many years, she was mother of Joseph and Benjamin, two of the most loved sons of Jacob.


King Disks

Jacob, father of Joseph and a patriarch of the Israelites. His twelve sons became the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Another version of this card was made (now lost), which used King David instead. Its use depended on whether David was used as 'The Sun' in the Major Arcana or not - see here

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