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All images are scans of Tarot cards crafted by Bruce Mitchell from many sources
Biblical Tarot - Wands

The theme is Exodus, Numbers, etc. - generally the life and times of Moses.
The suit's element is Fire and this goes well with the enterprise, movement and creation of the Promised Land, and its associated glory. Aaron's rod/snake in the 2 (rod and wand are interchangeable in Tarot symbology) is also fitting.
Exceptions to Moses theme: Ace, Prophet, Pilgrim, Queen.

Ace Wands

God the Creator, Ancient of Days, in the act of creation from idea with fire and dividers. Thus: optimism and invention. 


Two Wands

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh seeking the freedom of the enslaved Israelites.
Aaron's rod transformed into a serpent devours the Pharaoh's sorcerers' rods/serpents.
Moses had been instructed at the Burning Bush to emancipate his people, and to take them to a Promised Land. Thus it is symbolic of the beginnings of an enterprise, and of balanced enterprise and power.


Three Wands

Return of the spies from the Land of Promise. They show it "floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it". Thus a card of opportunities and success.


Four Wands

The Children of Israel crossing the River Jordan. The opportunity and success of the Three of Wands materialises as they reach the Promised Land. Thus the meaning of harvest and prosperity.


Five Wands

This is the final episode in the conflict between Moses and Pharaoh over the release of the enslaved Israelites. The last of the 10 plagues is the death of the Ancient Egyptian firstborn. Thus the meaning of war games.


Six Wands

The Ancient Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea after pursuing the Israelites (subsequent to the events of Five of Wands). Thus a victory card.


Seven Wands

The walls of Jericho falling down. Jericho was the first Canaanite city to be taken by Joshua. The Israelites believe they are standing up for their God-given rights, against almost overwhelming opposition.
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Eight Wands

God writing upon the tablets of the Covenant. A time of intense, immense, fiery creativity. Thus means far-expanding horizons.


Nine Wands

The Brazen Serpent created by Moses when the Israelites in the wilderness were suffering from snake bites. All who looked at it were healed. When all seemed bleak, this was a source of strength. Thus means: strength in reserve; prudence (to look at it!).


Ten Wands

Moses breaking the tablets of the Law when he saw the dancing and the golden calf. The Israelites were not faithful or ready enough to receive the Ten Commandments. So, from the perspective of Moses (and God), means ambitious burdens and overexpansion of resources.

Prophet [Page]

Prophet Wands [Page]

Ezekiel prophesying. He fits the suit of Wands with his fiery, vivid visions and prophecies.

Pilgrim [Knight]

Pilgrim Wands [Knight]

Saint Mark. His gospel shows Jesus as a heroic man of action, exorcist, healer and miracle worker.


Queen Wands

Judith of Bethulia showing the head of Holofernes. She is a biblical heroine who saved the Jews from Nebuchadnezzar and his general Holofernes in a most brazen and Wand-like manner.


King Wands

Joshua, successor to Moses and conqueror of Canaan. He was one of the twelve young
Israelite men sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan. He was a man "full of the spirit of wisdom".

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