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4 Kinds of Intimate Touch
  1. Nurturing This makes us feel nurtured and accepted. It's the kind of touch that we would give a baby and it's completely non-sexual.
  2. Healing There's therapeutic touch, touch that heals.
  3. Sensual The purpose of sensual touch is to delight our senses and help move us into our sensual trance.
  4. Sexual Sexual touch is specifically designed to arouse and stimulate.
And part of what happens with partners is we tend to not get this whole spectrum of touching from our partners. And when we do it really enhances things. The nurturing touch; everybody needs the nurturing touch sometimes, and it’s really important to create trust with a partner that sometimes we can get that nurturing touch and it is completely non-sexual, and it needs to be, right.

Try this: Get with your partner and have them close their eyes. Give them the four kinds of touch and see if they can guess which is which. Then have your partner touch you back with your eyes closed and experience nurturing, healing, sensual and sexual. Give each other feedback about what felt best and why. Each of us likes different pressure and strokes.  Use this exercise as a learning experience to give your partner even more pleasure.

(Adapted from Susan Bratton, posted 24 December 2013, accessed 2 January 2014)

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