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Bruce Mitchell & Denise Stephani
Butterfly Haven Castle - Castle (Level 1)

BHC's lowest level shone with its romantic bed and bath fantasy and fabulous star window. It also contained the Castle's toilet and shower.

BHC with all 3 doors to lowest level visible
Entry doors to lowest level = Tower door & Bedroom's double doors

Bed & Bath areas
Bed & Bath areas - all tiles are sandtone

Bath area with Star Window
Bath area with Star Window

Bed area

Bed with tray, wine, flowers
Welcome to Butterfly Haven Castle!

Bed area seen from the Bath area
Bed area seen from the Bath area -
French double doors to the right, base of the Tower in the distance

Dressing table
Dressing table

Bed as seen from outside (the French double doors are both open)
Bed as seen from outside (the French double doors are both open)

Close-up of Papillon wine on tray on bed
Papillon ('butterfly' in French) was a South African wine that we provided complimentary
- a non-alcoholic sparkling drink was an alternative

Bed & Bath areas as seen from door to Tower
Bed & Bath areas as seen from door to Tower

Enjoy your stay!
Enjoy your stay!

Bath area

Bath area
Bath area (note the climbing plant & dolphin towels)

Bath with lit candles and fruit bowl
Bath with lit candles and fruit bowl

Complimentary butterfly soap
Complimentary butterfly soap

Bath area - Fancy a bath?
Fancy a bath?

Bath area with sandstone tile's fossil visible
Yes, that is a fossilised plant in the sandstone tile!

Star Window

The star window was intended as a spiritual creation.


The star window also offered a stunning view of the sky and stars.


The Star is a symbol for spiritual light unfolding within the heart chakra of all of us.


The spiritual teachings of White Eagle use the Star. The beautiful children's books Peter Parrot and his Magic Star and Peter Parrot Visits Africa both featured the Star and were popular with our children.
The star window was custom-made from very thick glass.


Shower & Toilet

This was the shower and toilet for all castle guests.
It featured an open shower (no structure, just a curtain). The floor and walls were all tiled with sandstone. There was a large mirror to create space in the small room. The sliding door also helped.

Dolphin basin, shower & toilet

The dolphin basin was custom-made by a local artisan.
Its water flowed from a bamboo-clad pipe.

Dolphin basin area

Before & After

Before BHC was created,
Level 1 used to be a dismal maid's room and toilet, situated below the double garage. You can see its exterior in the next photo. Obviously, the Tower and bath area structures are not there yet. Maid entered by the visible door.

Before BHC - maid's room and toilet exterior

Exterior, after its transformation into BHC


Bedroom & Bath areas

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