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Bad Dude
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Shark & Man
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Baddest Dude on the Planet

Bad Dude

This title has been applied to boxing heavyweight champions - think Mike Tyson biting ears. But there has been a transition. More recently it refers to the highest ranked heavyweight in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) - think Brock Lesnar, Cain Velasquez or the latest champion. But, in my opinion, it is none of these.

I am going to look at two angles on this issue.

(1) The baddest dudes are psychopaths that are either behind bars or on the loose. They often have been heavily abused as children. They do not play by the rules. They will literally eat you up. This is why I advocate everyone needs to learn something like TFT to deal with asocial violence - as well as staying close to the Light.
This is why I advise building 'Babies Not Jails'.

(2) The baddest dude on the planet is the human being. First, we are a 'unique super-predator'. Then, humans have a Horrible History, e.g. the worst of racism, religion, imperialism, capitalism & consumerism, communism, patriarchy & misogyny, climate change, etc? 
Nazi Germany was an illustration of how easily any human could become corrupted.
These days [2019] we threaten the extinction of one million species including ourself!!

Most dangerous animal (human) swims next to shark

What is the answer in both cases?

A loving start to life.
This is Attachment Parenting.
This is Natural Family Living.
This deep training in Love is the way to avoid potential corruption...

Fractal Egg

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