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Elysium poster Elysium

Elysiumis a 2013 movie taking place on both a ravaged dystopian Earth, and on a hi-tech luxury space station orbiting the Earth called Elysium. 

Oligarchic capitalism and the superrich have exploited, depleted, ravaged, destroyed Earth. They don't care as they have managed to build the space station, where they can continue 'life as normal'.
Elysium is the only place where the beauty of Nature is intact.
On Earth, humans are basically enslaved, working for this evil elite. Brutal robots enforce the will of the totalitarian overlords.
Rebellion seems futile as how do you rise up against them when they live up there?

Looking at Earth from Elysium

This is not just a movie.
We are moving towards such a world.
Elysium-type self-sufficient space structures are already the plan for billionaires, like world's richest man and Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

Nature inside the space structure Elysium
Nature inside the space structure Elysium

Will you fight against the fascist governments, the heartless corporations, and the sociopathic superrich?
Mother Earth or Elysium??...

Elysium or Mother Earth??

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