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  • Laziness of mind to keep from dealing with a situation or making a decision. (Paul Solomon)
  • Question to self: What do I need to research and/or decide?
  • Similar emotions: Doubt.
  • Opposite emotions: Clarity.
The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré
The Confusion of Tongues by Gustave Doré [Public Domain]
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Clematis [fuzzy consciousness, helps ground into the present]; Scleranthus [ability to weigh choices and act decisively].
  • California Flower Essences: Madia [concentration & focus], Cosmos [coherent thought & speech], Corn [disorientation in cities].

Never let doubt and confusion take hold of you. At the first sign of threat, instead of becoming dispersed, go higher! Take refuge in your inner sanctum, call on the spirit of God, and ask for advice, for it is he who will give you weapons. Even at the height of the storm, if part of you is able to remain on high, no enemy will be able to harm you. Why is aviation such a formidable weapon in times of war? Because the attacks come from above. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

When a virtuoso interprets a piece of music, a student sits an exam or a tightrope walker performs their act, if all the energies within them were not concentrated and in harmony, the virtuoso would play false notes, the student would make mistakes and the tightrope walker would break their neck. Because as soon as there is dissipation and dissonance within, all the inner forces let go and scatter, and the person is no longer supported.
You have often experienced this type of thing, but have you ever stopped to consider how this affects the whole of life? If you give in to haste, disorder and agitation, the forces and entities of harmony within you are repressed and paralyzed. Therefore, several times a day, stop for a few minutes and try to introduce harmony within you. All the forces, all the good entities that have until then not had a chance to manifest, will then be mobilized and available to help you continue your work. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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