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Golden Retriever dog

  • The acceptance of a stimulus. (Robert Plutchik - see here, accessed 27 October 2017) Adaptive behaviour = Incorporation.
  • Similar emotions: Acceptance, Unity, Love.
  • Opposite emotions: Distrust, Rejection.
Golden Retriever dog

Website of ethereal songstress Ruth Blake
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Holly [learning to love], Cerato [trusting one's intuition], Cherry Plum [letting go and letting God].
  • California Flower Essences: Mallow [difficulty making friends due to lack of trust], Self-Heal [trusting one's self-healing powers], Oregon Grape [world is always seen as hostile, paranoia], Mariposa Lily [alienated from mother, childhood abandonment or abuse; to feel the nurturing in all relationship], Baby Blue Eyes [mistrust from lack of fatherly support], Angelica or Forget-Me-Not or Saint John's Wort [trusting the spiritual world].

Survivors [of childhood trauma] tend to see trust as an absolute, either not trusting at all or trusting completely. You may bounce between the two, not trusting until you are so desperate for contact that you throw your trust at the first likely target. Since most people can’t handle that kind of desperation, you end up disappointed or abandoned, thus proving your original beliefs - that people aren’t trustworthy, that you aren’t lovable, that love isn’t worth it. Before you can trust anyone, you have to trust yourself. If you know you can take care of yourself, you won’t need to blindly fling your trust out in the hope that someone will take care of you. That kind of absolute love is what a child feels for its parents. It’s not what two mature adults feel for each other... In a healthy relationship, you vary your level of trust according to what’s actually happening between you and the other person. You experience gradations of trust, periodically assessing whether your needs are getting met, whether you’re growing in the ways you want to grow. And if you see that the relationship warrants it, you open up more. Trust accrues over time. It’s earned. (Ellen Bass and Laura Davis)

Trust instinct to the end, though you cannot render any reason.
(Gary Player, Commandment #8, accessed 19 November 2015)

Trust that which gives you meaning and accept it as your guide. (Carl Jung)

The only way to rightfully resolve relationships with others is to constantly keep in mind the concept of the two natures: lower and higher. Trust only the higher nature, the divine nature, both in yourself and in others. A human being is like a bank in which you deposit capital. So be vigilant, first make sure that any ‘bank’ you deal with is solid and reliable, or you will risk losing everything, and there will then be no use in complaining or rebelling. And since you yourself are a bank, strive also to be trustworthy. For it is not merely a question of whether or not you can trust others; ask yourself if they too can trust you, and do your best to deserve this trust. It is this above all that must concern you. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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