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"Fasting is the greatest remedy, the physician within." (Paracelsus)

"Instead of medicine, fast for a day." (Plutarch)

Avoid heavy carbs at every meal. A mini-experiment found that the length of fasting from carbohydrates is the most important factor in the body's efficient handling of them. In other words, there needs to be peaks and troughs in your carbohydrate diet. (BBC, posted and accessed 17 January 2018)

Fasting usually helps to purify the body by removing coarser particles in the aura.
(Lilla Bek
Balancing the Aura, track #4, 10m33s; excerpt)

Fasting is not suitable for pregnant women or diabetics on medication. (BBC, posted 5 August 2012, accessed 5 May 2015) [Nor children.]

A simple way to fast is to eat all your food within a 12 hours window. This
allows your digestive system daily rest. See here, here.

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