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Guerrilla Learning
Guerrilla Learning book front cover

My favourite book on education is Guerrilla Learning: How to Give Your Kids a Real Education with or without School by Grace Llewellyn and Amy Silver.

Whether you choose or are forced to home educate or school educate, this book can be very helpful. Here is its description:

Guerrilla learning is creating a home environment that fills your child with the joy of learning. Let your daughter read her library books instead of finishing her homework. Ask your eleven–year–old′s beloved third grade teacher to comment on his poetry. Invite a massage therapist to dinner because your daughter wants to go to massage school instead of college. Give your child the freedom to pursue his interests, develop her strengths, cultivate self–discipline, and discover the joy of learning throughout life. If you′ve ever felt that your child wasn′t flourishing in school or simply needs something the professionals aren′t supplying, you′re ready to become a "guerrilla educator." Revolutionary and inspiring, Guerrilla Learning explains what′s wrong (and what′s useful) about our traditional schools and shows you how to take charge of your family′s education to raise thinking, creative young people despite the constraints of traditional schooling. Filled with fun and exciting exercises and projects to do with children of all ages, this remarkable approach to childhood, education, and life will help you release your child′s innate abilities and empower him or her in the wider world that awaits beyond the school walls.

Five Keys of Guerrilla Learning:-
  • Opportunity. At the heart of Opportunity is: ENGAGEMENT. Stay passionate, involved and interested in life and in learning. Your enthusiasm will transfer automatically to your kids.
  • Timing. At the heart of Timing is: SENSITIVITY. Be sensitive to your child’s ongoing developmental needs and capabilities. Work to create outer situations in harmony with the child’s inner rhythms.
  • Interest. At the heart of Interest is: INDIVIDUALITY. Help your children identify their unique talents, gifts, and passions. Honour their originality. Their job is to develop their inner natures and to find their calling in life.
  • Freedom. At the heart of Freedom is: CHOICE. Offer your child authentic choices in all possible areas. Invite children to make commitments, take on projects, and solve problems. At the same time, expect children to keep their promises, and make the consequences of broken promises clear in advance.
  • Support. At the heart of Support is: RESOURCEFULNESS. Use your resources of time, money, expertise, experience, and loving attention to help your children achieve their goals. Guide them to other resources as needed. And take care of yourself – you are your children’s most important resource!
Teddy Girl & Mum

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