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Magic potionMagic Bullets for Babies 

A 'magic bullet' is a health treatment that is very effective without risk of side-effects.
I'd prefer 'magic potions' as it sounds so much more wholesome, but anyway...

Natural Family Living has at least four amazing 'magic bullets' that give the best chances for the all-round health of your baby and family:-

Vitamin D

Vitamin D
Vitamin D helps prevent many modern diseases (e.g. allergies), as explained here.
Modern lifestyle means we tend to be low in vitamin D. This vitamin D deficiency is passed on to babies, who are then even more prone to these modern diseases. So, pregnant mums need to soak up the sun safely and supplement vitamin D.

Pregnant mum in sun

Like the microbiome, breastfeeding kickstarts the baby's immune system.
Normal breastfeeding
- misnamed "Extended" - is like a magic potion that protects your baby's health. It is the perfect superfood and also soothes baby.

Woman breastfeeding

microbiome is the huge community of good bacteria that we carry throughout our life - on us and in our gut. Most of our immune cells are in our gut and associated with the microbiota, so looking after the digestive system boosts the immune system. That's why the microbiome is so important.

We probably have more microbiota than human cells! The modern lifestyle has reduced the diversity and efficacy of these microbiota. Drugs like antibiotics, interventionist birth, poor diet and lives removed from nature, have all contributed to disrupted microbiomes. This in turn has given rise to many modern diseases, both physical and mental. See here, here, here.


The microbiome is seeded at birth, coating the baby and colonising the gut. This helps kickstart the baby's immune system.
Pre-birth, a mother can work on improving her microbiota, so that she passes on the best quality microbiome to her child. See here for some suggestions.
If your baby is born vaginally, it will be optimally seeded from the mother's bacteria.

Otherwise, perhaps ensure your newborn gets a healthier microbiome from a vaginal swab - see here for how; also see here. However experts now state such vaginal seeding is unhelpful; pending further research, a cocktail of good bacteria may be offered to help the C-section baby healthily start its life with its microbial self.

The best place to have a birth is the mother's home, as it is where her microbes flourish (Michel Odent cited in Midwifery Today E-News, posted 26 October 2016, accessed 27 October 2016).
Giving birth at a hospital by C-section seeds the baby with nasty hospital bacteria, which brings higher risk for baby of certain diseases (e.g. allergies, autoimmune diseases, obesity).

The best microbiome comes from vaginal home birth and breastfeeding. This is where we need to really emphasise the microbiome, rather than via manmade interventions.
Explore more Microbiome Resources...


Baby sitting in snow handed some snow by adult

This is about getting closer to nature, in early childhood and throughout life. For example, children regularly in contact with farm animals have less allergies (Allergy UK, posted November 2013, accessed 27 August 2014; also see here, here). Read Let your kids eat dirt, it's good for them (also see here). Avoid Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD)!

Mum-Baby in Sun

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