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How to rob a continent – and get away with it...
We’re often told that Africa is poor, in need of our help and charity. But the truth is that Africa is rich – in mineral wealth, skilled workers, booming new businesses and biodiversity. Its people should thrive, its economies prosper. Yet many people living in Africa’s 47 countries remain trapped in poverty – and that’s not an accident.
Just like they have for hundreds of years, profiteering businesses in rich countries continue to strip Africa of wealth, resources and power. Through unregulated foreign industry and agribusiness, rampant tax evasion, exploitative trade deals, abusive loan practises, and much more, corporations and governments in the global North continue to profit from Africa’s wealth. The aid we pay to African nations is a tiny fraction of the amount being taken out of the continent every year to enrich corporate interests.
(Global Justice Now 28 May 2019 email)
[Bruce: Colonialism, exploitation and enslavement carries on under a disguise.]

Poor World woman & baby

Safe vault door

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