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Funny statuePubic Hair Removal

I agree with Cameron Diaz - see here and here. Removing your pubic hair is akin to removing your nose. Shaving pubic hair all off reminds me of pre-pubescent girls, which is repulsive in a sexual context, as it's not what I want to evolutionarily mate with. If you find it attractive, perhaps you have been indoctrinated by the glamour of 21st century porn, and it possibly belies a low self-worth? Do you feel it gives you an illusion of the sex life of a porn star? Maybe it's OK as an occasional novelty but not as the mainstay, surely? Trimming is fine, if desired - I do it. But irreversible pubic depilation - are you sure?

In order to become sex gods, men would do better to learn about things like her whole erectile network, her vestibular bulbs.
Women into goddesses by learning how to weight lift with your vagina.
Everyone into legends by daily kegels and
exploring how she can squirt, etc.
There are far deeper topics to master in lifelong learning about relationships and sexuality - rather than demanding that women be transformed into children, in the mistaken belief it creates a porn star sex life.

I suggest that complete hair removal may have links with psychological immaturity and/or societal brainwashing. Women need to decide for themselves, not be bullied by men nor society. Men need to have deeper self-worth than gaining an illusory extra inch from being pubically hairless. If men  don't like pubic hair in oral sex, read on, and also consider that there might be a link here to forcing women to give birth in unnatural stirrup positions or with c-sections. Are you complicit in getting women to do things because it apparently makes your life easier, but not hers?


There are evolutionary reasons for pubic hair:

So let's make a case for bringing back the bush. Hair is on our most sensitive parts for a reason - it protects us. Not only from the (inevitable and pleasurable) friction of sex but from bacteria. Family physician Emily Gibson has seen pustules, Group A Streptococcus and cellulitis crop up from shaving, the latter an infection you can pass on to your partner. Being bald looks a lot less attractive now. Yet there are sexier reasons to keep your hair. It is thought to trap pheromones, bodily scents that others can find sexually stimulating. Scientists have speculated we developed pubic hair to signal we are sexually mature. In many ways, hairlessness comes with the unwelcome suggestion of a childish body. The unspoken issue here is oral sex, and some men’s reluctance to have to “deal with” hair... If he is so put off by your natural state that he doesn’t want to get anywhere near it, then you might want to re-evaluate your relationship. What you do with your own body should always come down to you, and this survey is worth highlighting because it shows that you don’t need to prance into the bedroom like a porn star to be considered attractive. If you want to stay natural, you aren’t alone. Personally, I try not to worry.
(Felicity Morse here, posted 26 November 2013, accessed 1 February 2014)

There are also athletic reasons. A key reason behind the success of British cyclists at the Rio Olympics 2016 was a ban on bikini waxing (see The Guardian and BBC). Pubic hair removes sweat from the skin and reduces friction, which prevented the severe saddle-soreness these cyclists were enduring, so allowing enhanced performance.

Woman with lantern walking under moon


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