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Sewer coverSanitation 

Sanitation (for a society) = clean drinking water and adequate sewage disposal.
Sanitation is a huge issue for a successful society and world and for a peaceful world.

The main objective of a sanitation system is to protect and promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease.
Yet, it also protects women from sexual assault and violence!

Sustainable sanitation’ is what we need, but less than half of us have access to this. Amongst other things, it protects the environment and natural resources. Part of that environment is women!
There should be no barrier, financial, political or otherwise to getting this to all non-tribal people (tribal people too if they want, but unlike us, they are already living sustainably).

Then there is the lesser ‘improved sanitation’, which hygienically separates human excreta from human contact, but does not necessarily treat the sewage itself. Only two-thirds of the world's people have access to it, but up from a quarter in 1980.

Broken toilet

However, public sanitation is not something the socio-politico-economic system generally provides, as toilets cost money, but defecating in the street is free.

And if you want to DIY and buy a flushing toilet, it helps if there's a system of sewers to plumb it into, as otherwise you're in deep shit.
Creating such a system is a major undertaking - financially and logistically.
As at 2011, just 6% of India's towns and cities have succeeded in building even a partial network of sewers.
It took London 10 years in the 19th century, and it was only actioned because the politicians met right next to the 'Great Stink', as the River Thames was an open sewer and flowed past the Houses of Parliament.

A serious yet fun video made by AX Productions (my sons) and PWP [5m53s]

Yet, for any country and the world, the cost of lack of access to proper sanitation is not only financial.
First and foremost, it creates heavily compromised health and well-being due to the ease with which disease spreads (e.g. diarrhoea) and also the heightened chance of sexual abuse and violence for women.

So, we need a new economic system like GNH which prioritises happiness and health over money.
So, we need a worldwide Culture of Love, which prioritises compassion over money.

Water bubbles

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Shiny metal plumbing trap
"Dirty water kills more children than war. It’s the most common cause of disease in the world today."

(British Red Cross, posted 2015, accessed 5 February 2015)

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