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Sun low over sea
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(Bruce Mitchell)
Sun low over seaSun Gazing 

First, please read about Sun Gazing Safety.

Sun worship was a widespread and ancient spiritual practice. Here are some ways that Sun Gazing is currently practised:-

Sunrise Meditation

Peter Deunov and Omraam Mikhaёl Aїvanhov advised communing with the sun at sunrise. They formulated a large number of sunrise practices, prayers and solar exercises. Here are some examples:-

It is recommended to anyone who can, during the spring and summer, to go outside half an hour before sunrise, when solar energy is at its most intense. The dawn brings us energy which no other force can give us; clouds are not an obstacle to this energy. During your early morning walks, maintain your thoughts directed to the best things you know; if you do this experiment for a year, you will experience the beneficial results on your physical and spiritual health. (Peter Deunov)


May the light of the Eternal Sun of Thy Love illuminate my soul and those of all my brothers and sisters on the face of the earth! 

May the light of the Eternal Sun of Thy Love illuminate the whole of humanity and all creatures for the coming of the Divine Kingdom on earth.     

(Peter Deunov)


Yes, as disciples gradually draw closer to that truth that the sun represents, they begin to find in it a real friend, a friend who speaks to them and on whom they can rely, who will always support and defend them, for the sun alone possesses true strength. This is why it is so important for you to be present at the sunrise every morning, and to learn to look at it with new eyes. Every day you can speak to it in your heart: "Beloved sun, I have never really known you until now. Of course, I have always seen your great beauty and purity. I have always known that it was you who gave us warmth and light every day, but I never really understood what you were teaching us in this way. Now I know that you are showing me the path of truth, perfection and fulfilment. My one desire is to be exactly like you." Of course, you will never actually be like the sun. That is impossible. But that does not matter; the important thing is to keep the image of the sun in your mind as an ideal, for an impossible ideal is the one thing that can most powerfully act upon, strengthen, and transform  a human being. (O.M. Aïvanhov) 


As the sun rises on the world may the Sun of truth, freedom, immortality and Eternity rise in my spirit!

As the sun rises on the world may the Sun of love and infinite space rise in my soul!

As the sun rises on the world may the Sun of intelligence, light and wisdom rise in my mind! 

As the sun rises on the world may the Sun of loving-kindness, joy and purity rise in my heart!

As this luminous and radiant sun rises on the world may the Sun of force and power, energy and dynamic action rise in my will! 

As this luminous, radiant and living sun rises on the world may the Sun of health, vitality and vigour rise in my body!

Amen. So be it. For the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Amen. So be it. For the Glory of God.

(O.M. Aïvanhov)

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Sun Soaking

William Bloom (adapted from here, posted 15 November 2010, accessed 24 November 2010) explains:-

In spirituality, one of its most central practices is to connect regularly with the wonder and energy of life – with God, with spirit – and be able to just relax, be empty and receive its blessing of positive energy and love. You do not have to do anything special to receive this love except be open to receive it. This basically means that you stop buzzing around for a while, calm down and place yourself in a receptive state. In some spiritual traditions, this is called ‘emptying’ – just being an empty pot and allowing yourself to be filled. It does not matter what else is going on in my life, if the sun is out, I make sure that I go and sit in the sunlight for fifteen minutes every day, my face directly towards it. I wrap up warmly, plonk myself in a garden chair and absorb the rays. When I write ‘absorb the rays’, that is exactly what I do. Using my imagination and visualisation, I work with my body’s subtle sensations so that I imagine and feel that my flesh, muscles and bones are absorbing the sunlight. I breathe it in. In particular, I feel it coming into my eyes and travelling down the optic nerve and into my brain. I absorb the sunlight into my brain cells and then visualise it going down my spinal cord and into the rest of my nervous system. This is not simple sun-bathing. It is sun-soaking. Whilst, I am focused on the sunlight, I know that I am also absorbing into my body the natural healing energy and vitality that permeates the natural world and the universe. At the same time, this triggers the production of endorphins, the ‘miracle’ hormones of wellbeing. This is very good for my health. It feels great. Even when it is hidden by cloud or during the night, the sun is always there. This is a bit like a pantomime when the audience shouts, ‘It’s behind you!’ Whether you can see the sun or not, we are always part of the solar system and the great golden disc, the solar deity, is ever present. Just open your heart, visualise and sense its presence even when you cannot see it. So, in the long winter nights, especially when your own internal weather is moody and melancholic, lighten up. Cheer up. The sun, the healing energy and the unconditional love that fills the cosmic ocean are always there. Relax and receive.

Man sun-soaking

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Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing at Sunrise or Sunset is practised by staring directly at the Sun in the first 45 minutes of sunrise or last 45 minutes of sunset, when there are usually no harmful UV rays. The time you do this for can be gradually increased. Always stop if you feel any discomfort. Advised to be done barefoot. It is said to activate the pineal gland, the gland that controls the "master" pituitary gland, blood sugar and sleep, and which secretes melatonin, a powerful antioxidant (see here, accessed April 6, 2014). Sungazing is reputed to have health and spiritual benefits. See videos here and here.

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List of Notable Individuals who Sun Gazed

  • Peter Deunov, the formulator of Paneurhythmy and Bulgarian spiritual teacher. 
  • Omraam Mikhaёl Aїvanhov, spiritual master and philosopher and a student of Peter Deunov, regularly attended the sunrise at his spiritual centre seated on Le Rocher in Fréjus in the south of France. He spoke extensively on solar philosophy or surya yoga (yoga of the sun).
  • William Bloom, modern Western mystic and leading British mind-body spirit teacher. 
  • Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido, would daily greet the sun, even when living in busy Tokyo city centre. 
  • Richard Carlson, author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, said that virtually every day he stopped whatever he was doing to enjoy the sunrise.
  • Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) - see his video.
  • Dean Liprini, researcher, geomancer and author of Pathways of the Sun, a book suggesting the Table Mountain Plateau is a giant cosmic clock and an ancient spiritual site. Therein he describes many special sunrise experiences and how the ancient people may have done the same.
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