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Loving Earth 1
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Loving Earth 1 Superpowers Quotes

Superpowers refer to abilities that humans have forgotten or have not yet accessed or developed. The most powerful of these is Love and is something we can all practise. (Bruce Mitchell)

Loving Earth 2

We possess all kinds of unknown powers, and the science of the future will be an exploration of these powers. (Colin Wilson)

We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.
(Jean Houston, PhD)

Third Eye Woman

True clairvoyance gives access to the realities of the spiritual world, that is to say, it enables people to pick up the most subtle elements in nature and in human souls. Clairvoyance, which consists in seeing past events or those to come, or seeing entities in the astral world, is not so extraordinary. Almost everyone can acquire it through certain exercises or by taking certain drugs; but these means do not take them very far and they even present great dangers to people's psyche.
Don't be mistaken, humans who see into the invisible can only pick up realities corresponding to the level of consciousness they themselves have attained. It is therefore not surprising that most clairvoyants see mainly future accidents, diseases and catastrophes, as well as the lower entities circulating among humans. You must go very high within you to be able to see spirits of light and heavenly beings. The only clairvoyance you must seek to achieve is the one that makes you like a crystal prism, a pure crystal that lets through the light. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Superpowers Landscape

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