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Ball of Light
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Cultivating Virtue
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Buddha Meditates
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Sun Soaking
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Fire Woman
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Ball of LightViolence & Light,
Virtue, Meditation

One tool in handling violence is inner work.
Peace in the outer world is unlikely without inner peace.
Natural family living will tend to create a natural inner peace, a connection to virtue and a strong inner light.

Violence & Virtue

By cultivating virtue (e.g. goodness, compassion, wisdom, simplicity, dignity, gratitude) we link ourselves with noble energies and the angels, which can help protect us from harm.

"Today, if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other - that man, that woman, that child is my brother or my sister. If everyone could see the image of God in his neighbour, do you think we would still need tanks and generals?" (Mother Teresa)

"When humans hurt us, it’s not really them that are trying to harm us but bad entities that are using them. Then, these entities move on, and after they have made use of the next person to carry out their malicious plans, they leave that person too and go looking for someone else. It is possible that though this person appeared to be an enemy, once they have got rid of the entity, they may then seem different and even regret their actions, and they may not even remember what they did. So, it is not reasonable to harbour resentment indefinitely towards someone or to want to take revenge. If you attack back, they will do the same, and then it will spiral until neither of you understands anymore what’s going on, with each accusing the other of having started hostilities.
You may say, ‘So, it’s spirits we have to fight… But how?’ By cultivating qualities and virtues that will prevent them from having a hold over you. Even if they continue to pursue you, they will not catch you; the gains you will have made on the spiritual plane will form a kind of rampart around you." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Cultivating Virtue

Violence & Meditation

As various spiritual teachers have said, peace in the outer world cannot come unless we are able to achieve an inner equanimity. The image I have is of a weighted wooden
Buddha statue with a curved base that rights itself whenever it is knocked. There must be inner peace as well as outer peace.

People that keep calm and centred in a crisis enhance any chance of survival. By practising meditation and quietening the mind, we create peace in our environment, which can help calm situations. 

Buddha meditates

Group meditation has been shown to reduce crime rates. For example, in Washington DC in 1993, meditators reduced the crime rate by a massive 23% over two months. Researchers had predicted a 20% drop, something which the local police chief said would only happen with 20 inches [51 cm] of snow. See here, here, here.

Violence & Light

By practising light exercises, such as sun gazing, we strengthen our energy field with light. This can help ward off harmful people and situations.

"The more radiant we are, the more other people will suffer if they try, in any way - even psychically - to attack us; the more their life will fall into pieces."
(Lilla Bek, 'Transmutation', track #3 at 10m9s)

"People who have spent time in the desert or the forest know that one of the best protections against wild animals is fire. Wild beasts have a great fear of fire, sensing in it a formidable power that it is best not to approach.
You may never expose yourself to the dangers of the desert or the forest, but in the invisible world there are ‘beasts’ that roam, dark spirits that you will not be able to avoid encountering. To protect yourself, light the sacred fire within you, for it is the best safeguard. Dark spirits can feel this fire emanating from the eyes, the hands and the entire body of a true son or daughter of God, and they flee in fear. A powerful and luminous aura is a manifestation of the fire that protects human beings from evil spirits." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Woman sun soaking

I like to use these inner strategies in conjunction with the back-up plans of something like Target Focus Training, as well as common sense. It can take quite a while before skills like inner peace and inner light are strong enough to repel danger.


"Like all exceptional beings, initiates are inevitably misunderstood, opposed, and even betrayed. But to overcome such tests, they know they must not defend themselves with ordinary weapons. They only strive to live a pure, luminous and radiant life, and this life not only acts as a protective layer, but also causes evil to return to those who sent it. They need do nothing more than rise up toward the heavenly regions to live even more in the light.
Here is what you must do when you are wrongly attacked. Distance yourselves as much as possible from your adversaries. When heaven sees that you are not behaving like them, it may send other people to take action instead of you and restore the situation. As for you, simply continue to broaden, embellish, enrich and illuminate your life." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

"Whatever you are told, whatever the latest philosophies would have you believe, never sever your ties with God. On the contrary, seek Him, think about Him, love Him, and call on Him; in this way you will receive invisible but extraordinarily powerful energies that will prevent the forces of darkness from disturbing or harming you. You may still be mistreated a little from time to time because you have not yet strengthened your ties with the Lord sufficiently, but once this is done, evil will no longer be able to touch you. Christians recite or sing, ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’, but these are simply words to them, because they are unaware of the extraordinary science that lies behind. Nothing is more important, more vital than this love for the Creator, thanks to which, everything falls into place, sorts itself out and becomes harmonious." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

"If you feel you need protection, think of the light; try to bring it into you, with the awareness that it is actually much more than the physical phenomenon we call light. In spiritual science, the word ‘light’ also refers to all benevolent entities, and once these entities have settled in a human being they are able to counter the negative forces and dark spirits that try to destroy that person. This does not mean that the light will prevent you from feeling tormented from time to time. Unfortunately, while we are on earth, we are never safe from attacks and battles, and we must ask the light for protection every day. Even initiates have to protect themselves. Yes, even the purest, greatest and most powerful of initiates must constantly think of protecting themselves by placing barriers of light and circles of flames between themselves and dark entities." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Fire Woman

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