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Silhouette of man pushing huge rock up hillIf God exists, why does God
allow pain, suffering, evil?

How can a good and all-powerful God allow atrocities, holocausts, genocide, child abuse and psychopaths? I totally get Stephen Fry (video posted 28 January 2015, accessed 8 February 2015). Why does God permit so much world suffering? It feels disgusting.

CS Lewis addresses it in The Problem of Pain. CG Jung controversially considers God to have an evil side in Answer to Job. This enquiry is called theodicy.

One part of me looks at life like a video game. If life were a video game, the players would be unhappy. You can't reload if you die (reincarnation only allows part of you to reload, even if it is the real you). Many people have extremely difficult paths and injustice seems everywhere. It can be so harsh, cruel and difficult. This all doesn't make for happy gamers. So life seems like a badly designed video game.

Another part of me since childhood has always considered that questions like these are beyond our understanding. We live in the world of time, whereas in the spiritual world things like time may well be illusory. God in many ways is pretty hidden and unknowable. It is beyond our intellect. We need to rely on our intuition.

Starry top of pine

O.M. Aïvanhov says:-
  • "Both good and evil exist. And because evil exists, it means it has a role to play in the great cosmic body of the universe. As humans, we don’t know why it exists. We can only observe that a higher intelligence makes use of evil by incorporating it into its plans and so helping beings to evolve. From a philosophical and metaphysical point of view, the issues raised by duality are resolved through unity, which is the very essence of God. But when it comes to morality, we must tread cautiously on the path of unity, so as not to confuse things the way some so-called spiritual people do. Since they have read or heard that there is no such thing as good or bad, pure or impure, beauty or ugliness, they launch into dangerous, wild imaginings and claim to be acting in all innocence, when they are actually committing crimes. From a moral point of view, evil exists."
  • "Cosmic intelligence has not given equal power to good and to evil... The good exists. Not only does it exist, but with the passage of time we are forced to realize that it always ends by being victorious. Never give way to discouragement, therefore, on the pretext that you see the ravages of evil in the world. Evil wins some battles and you feel threatened by it, that is normal, but that is no reason to lose your faith in good... Suppose that nothing but evil surrounded you – which is certainly not the case – you could still cling to the good that is in you; you could still strengthen and intensify it. Is this certainty, this activity not something which could give meaning to your life, whatever your circumstances?" (Izvor 239 Love Greater Than Faith, Chapter Seven, pp.124-125)
  • "How many believers ask why heaven does not intervene to restore order in world affairs! Well, this shows they are not good psychologists. Without the agreement and willingness of human beings themselves, what is the use of the interventions of heaven? People would neither understand nor appreciate this new order established by heaven and would quickly destroy it. The desire for change must come from human beings. Yes, if they truly wish to remedy the state of things and right the misfortune in the world, because of what they have suffered and the lessons they have learned, heaven will release other forces, other currents, other energies, and then true changes will take place. But the impulse must come from human beings; they must decide together to work in order to obtain the intervention of cosmic forces. If they do not provide the right conditions for them to intervene, nothing will happen and the sublime intelligences will never decide to get mixed up in human affairs."
Gate top with stars

Whatever the truth is, we are where we are.
As mentioned in God, what matters most is how we behave.
O.M. Aïvanhov again:

"If you ask a great Master why evil exists he will not answer you, he will simply teach you to look on it as a raw material which you have to mould and shape in order that it may collaborate in the manifestation of good." (Izvor 239 Love Greater Than Faith, Chapter Seven, p.129)

My intuition wants to bring the spiritual world of Love and Light to Earth.

We need to create a world of peace and compassion.
We must Be Love Now.
Let's get busy and cut the Gordian Knot!
All of us must feel this Force called Love unifying us Now...

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