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(Bear Grylls, Wikimedia Commons)

AHA - Bear Grylls

This is a case study of Bear Grylls in the context of the map of consciousness called Animal, Human and Angel (AHA).

Bear Grylls arrives at Coventry Scouts Group in 2012
Bear Grylls

In the AHA map of consciousness, most humans - due to societal influence - have become distanced from both Animal and Angel.
Healthy Animal traits tend to be distorted into cruel philosophies and practices, like medicalised birth, abusive sex and inflated ego 'freedoms'.
The Angel within is forgotten in the pursuit of wealth and power.

Bear Grylls is a well-known survival expert. So, his ability to handle many of nature's challenges is clear. Just like an indigenous person respects his/her environment as a treasure, capable of providing food and medicine and peace, it seems like Bear Grylls has this ability too. To some extent he has merged well with his Animal self.

Bear Grylls also has realised a deeper understanding of the Human. His depth of experience with his Animal self in Nature has allowed him to see the limitations of Human life:

"The wild sees through masks – and masks don’t work when you’re at your wits’ end, in the jungle, or in the desert, or up a mountain. What it teaches you is to be honest and value connections to other people."*

And also the best in Human:

"Kindness is king. I think this year has shown us that. There’s no point getting to the top of that mountain in life – whatever that mountain is, whether it’s getting a degree, or starting a business, or whatever – if you’re an arsehole."*

Finally we see the emergence of his Angel self:

"You have a light within you, the Holy Spirit, and wherever you go, you will bring a light greater than the darkness around you."*

We can see that he is well integrating all aspects of his Animal-Human-Angel.

But we can merge with Animal and Angel without being a modern-day survival expert or celebrity! This is evidenced in many indigenous people, close to Earth and Heaven.
In the modern world, this is done by living close to Earth and Heaven, by doing things that keep the Animal and Angel happy: move, eat healthy, sleep well, sing, dance, pray, get into Nature, stay close to the Sun.

In terms of identity, we need to root in deeply to our Animal and Angel identities, rather than investing too much in the typical identities [masks] that Humans dress in.

(Bear Grylls cited at The Guardian, posted and accessed 16 February 2021)

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