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(Bruce Mitchell)

Freedom for Birth poster (Alto Films)

Denise Stephani
(Denise Stephani)

Letters to Mandela
(Denise Stephani)

MicroBirth poster
(Alto Films)

Water Droplet
(Wikimedia Commons)

100% Sun
(Good Energy)

Flock of Sheep
(Hans, Pixabay)

Why Not Home? still
(Why Not Home?)

Coloured Sheep
(music4Life, Pixabay)

Houses of Parliament

Screenshot  of wild duck trapped in a plastic ring

Guide Dog
(Guide Dogs)

Creation by Ruth Blake CD cover
(Francesca Booth)

Glastonbury Abbey
Lady Chapel
(heldervieiraster0, Pixabay)

Painting by Lilla Bek
(copyright Lilla Bek, used with permission)

Mobius Loop concert
(Mobius Loop?;
fair use, educational)

XR placard

David Holt, Creative Commons via Wikipedia)

XR tree climber, Mandela statue, police line at Parliament Square London
(XR protester;
fair use, educational)

Fourth Wave cartoon
(Adapted from Graeme MacKayMacKay Cartoons; fair use, educational)

'Surge of Power' -
Statue of BLM activist Jen Reid, on the plinth that formerly held the statue of slaver Edward Colston
(Sam Saunders of Bristol, Creative Commons via Wikipedia [or here])

Poster for Resist China Day of Action
1 October 2020
(Free Tibet
; fair use, educational)

Tibetan flag
(Wikipedia; unknown author, public domain)

Resist China raised fist image projected onto Houses of Parliament
Free Tibet; fair use, educational)

The 9 Domains of GNH
(GNH Centre Bhutan;
fair use, educational)

Global Platform for Action to End FGM/C logo (fair use, educational)

Umbella NO
(Real Media; fair use, educational)

Kill the Bill poster
(Extinction Rebellion UK; fair use, educational)

Microbiome poster
(Alto Films)
Project World Peace community work:-

Project World Peace logoThis website!

Freedom for Birth - The Mother's Revolution publicity posterFreedom for Birth -
The Mother's Revolution

Documentary film.
Presented a global première.
Contributed to its crowdfunding via Indiegogo, one of 738 backers.

Denise Stephani in dance poseDenise Stephani website [2012-2017]

Created and maintained.

Denise Stephani is an award-winning Writer and Dancer. She is also Activist, Choreographer and Well-Being Coach.

Petitions [2013-Now]
Hundreds of online petitions are signed every year.
This is to help diverse causes bring about world change and world peace.

'Letters to Mandela' book front coverLetters to Mandela [2013]

Children's book by Denise Stephani.

Contributed to its crowdfunding via Indiegogo, one of 6 backers.

MicroBirth poster (cropped)MicroBirth

Documentary film.

Presented a global première.

Contributed to its crowdfunding via Indiegogo, one of 1,012 backers.

Thumbnail for Water videoWater - Biggest Health Issue of Today? [2015]

A serious six minute video made with
AX Productions (my sons).

Sunflower 100% Good Energy symbol 100% clean, renewable electricity powers this website [2015 & 2017-2020]
2015: Switched to
Good Energy as part of a 38 Degrees Clean Energy Switch, which 100,000 people secured to counteract dirty energy and poor customer service.
2017: Switched to Octopus Energy (Green Deal), the largest 
investor in solar farms in the UK.
2019: Changed to its 'Super Green Octopus' tariff, its greenest tariff. 

PWP is being the change it wants to see!!

This website also avoids advert/money/tech manipulation (e.g. see here).

Thumbnail for falling asleep with sheep videoGo to Sleep with Sheep [2016]

A fun 12 minute video made with
AX Productions.
This video is designed to help you sleep!

Why Not Home? posterWhy Not Home? [2016]
The Surprising Birth Choices of Doctors and Nurses

Documentary film.

Contributed to its crowdfunding through Kickstarter, one of 960 backers who brought this documentary film to life.

Thumbnail for funny sheep videoTry Not To Laugh! (Sheep Edition) [2016]

Enjoy this 3 minute video made with
AX Productions.

#Fearless projected onto Houses of Parliament, LondonFearless: Our hopes for the women of tomorrow [2016]

This is a crowd-sourced Global Poem
to end violence against women - for good - by ActionAid's Fearless Campaign.

Bruce was one of over 3,000 artists, activists, students, campaigners and more that contributed messages and lines of poetry. I don't think my message made it into the global poem, but is given here:

"Perhaps the most powerful time when a woman affects the future, is when she is pregnant.
Her thoughts at that time can make the baby into a great woman or man that practises equality.
Her conversation with Goddess-God and the baby can help end violence against women.
Also, we need to demedicalise society and return birth to the care of women."

Wild duck trapped in white plastic ring, around neck, and inside mouth between its beakTrash Cleansing [2017-Now]
Whenever I am out and about, I like to pick up rubbish. From 2017 or thereabouts, this has becomes much more of a daily event. When in town or country, or by sea or river, I am scouring the environment for litter. Just like Trash Girl and many others.
I dispose of it responsibly. Once I had the waste thrown back at me by un-uniformed fast food staff for apparently using the wrong bin, despite it saying 'General Rubbish'!
One person who chatted to me wondered why people just don't care. I think she identified a key issue. We have created a society where people don't care. And so I call for a Culture of Love! Anyway, trash cleansing makes Nature look more beautiful, which is great for community mental health. It saves the lives of wildlife (see here, here, here). Here is a short heartwarming video of why I do it.

Dog with Guide Dogs Access Petition posterGuide Dogs [2017]

Bruce was a 'High Street Hero' (in Glastonbury).
He was one of hundreds of campaigners throughout the UK who visited local high street shops and businesses to explain the rights that assistance dog owners have, and to ask them to display an assistance dogs welcome sticker in their window.

Ruth Blake's 'Creation' CD album coverCreation & Heart Singing [2018]

Creation is a music album by Ruth Blake (artwork by Francesca Booth). It
is a fierce cry from the depths of her heart to ours... an invitation to sing and dance wildly together and surrender ourselves to the eternally renewing energy of Creation.
I added my spark to the fire of Creation by being one of 108 crowdfunding it via Indiegogo.
Her path is as a role model for living in the heart. In 2018, she used to lead 'Singing from the Heart' at The Goddess Hall (29 Benedict Street, Glastonbury).
Beautiful world songs carried us into our hearts and simple, joyful connection with each other. No experience was needed, we simply brought our hearts and voices. 
I believe we also emanated Love and Light to the community and even the Cosmos!

Glastonbury Abbey Lady ChapelGroup Healing Meditation [2018-2019]

At Glastonbury Abbey, William Bloom leads a simple 20 minute healing meditation.
It is 
every Thursday, at 7pm in the Summer, otherwise at 12pm. We sit around the altar (at the base of the photo). The meditation is free. Abbey entry is also free if arrive in the 20 minutes before it starts.
William is a very experienced group leader. I have attended four of his workshops.
The first 5 minutes we centre in our bodies and breath. We are still.
The second 5 minutes we become aware of the healing energy available.
The third 5 minutes we receive this energy for our own healing.
The final 5 minutes we send the healing energy out to wherever there is suffering.

Painting by Lilla BekLilla Bek wisdom [2018 & 2019]

worked with Lilla Bek's son Paul (Pawel), Audrey Murr Copland and Ruth Copland to help Lilla:-
  • digitise her audio tape cassette collection 
  • transform it into The Unique Wisdom Teachings of Lilla Bek
  • create her Bandcamp store
  • publish her YouTube channel

Mobius Loop in concert, female playing fiddle, male singing Mobius Loop [2019]

Mobius Loop is a fabulous musical band spreading Peace, Love and Truth.
Contributed to 'The Hemp Redemption Stage', a plant-fuelled, off-grid, solar-powered touring stage and nomadic home. By crowdfunding through Indiegogo, one of 226 backers.
Mobius Loop describe themselves as philosophical folk, conscious rap, world music. It is great fun, often high energy and very danceable! The female vocalist has a very unique voice.
Mobius Loop are very about Hemp Redemption. I too believe in hemp as an eco-friendly material with over 50,000 uses, from health to clothing to building to food. 
I especially resonate with this part of their mission: 'To Manifest The LoVe Revolution Through Personal & Collective Evolution'.
Hemp Hemp Hooray!!

Extinction Rebellion (XR) [2020]

XR placard (symbol and name on green background)
I stand with Mother Earth. Alternatively I became an ‘organised criminal’ (see here, here). Participated daily in the XR September 2020 ‘We Want To Live’ ten-day campaign in London. Did: ‘Walk of Shame’; ‘Marine Extinction March’; 55 Tufton Street (home of climate change denial thinktanks, see here, here, here); 'Finale March'.
Our planet is on fire. XR and others like Greta Thunberg are the fire alarm. Governments are not facing the Truth. They only seek to turn off the fire alarm. Face the fire!

XR tree climber, Mandela statue, police line at Parliament Square LondonI am amazed at the bravery of the frontline activists. The assault on the 'free' press was brilliant, as were many other brave acts of civil disobedience, in the spirit of the Suffragettes and the Civil Rights Movement.
At Parliament Square, I witnessed XR tree climber protesters. The police (as puppets of the Government, who in turn obey the mainstream media run by a handful of billionaires) - whilst not nearly as brutal or deadly as those in
Belarus or the USA - still acted in an extremely abusive way to them, denying them food and water, despite being legally obliged to facilitate peaceful protest [torture, something they also do here]. Eventually police relented and one of the XR climbers Larch Maxey (top right of photo to left, click on it to enlarge) has just pulled up supplies. Nelson Mandela has been tyrannised by the system again by being forced to be part of the police line (held by an unidentified XR protester) blocking public access to the XR tree climbers.

“The heroes of this historical moment are climate activists: they are trying to save us all – primarily from ourselves. Anything the rest of us can do to acknowledge, support or further their work we should try to do.” (Zadie Smith)

Fourth Wave cartoon by MacKay Cartoons (Covid-19, Recession, Climate Change, Biodiversity Collapse)

"...if we don’t act, there will be food shortages, drought and hunger, it’s going to be a... horrible world..." (Eli Rose, HS2/XR tree protester at Parliament Square cited in The Guardian, posted and accessed 18 September 2020)

'Surge of Power' - Statue of BLM activist Jen Reid, on the plinth that formerly held the statue of slaver Edward ColstonBlack Lives Matter [2020]

Protested against police racism and violence. Organised by Black Lives Matter UK & others outside New Scotland Yard, London on 12 September 2020.
I listened to many personal stories of police brutality, injustice and inhumanity. Shameful, disgusting, sad. Despite the 1999 McPherson Report, the police deny the existence of institutional racism (also see here). This system needs to change, at a police level - and in terms of the systemic racism deeply entrenched in the neocolonial capitalist system (i.e. slavery never was abolished, it just continues under another guise).
The main chant was “No Justice”, to which we responded “No Peace.”

Free Tibet/Resist China [2020]

Poster for Resist China Day of Action 1/10/2020 (raised fist with China's atrocities)
On 1 October 2020, alongside Free Tibet and Tibet Society, I participated in a Global Day of Action to resist the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This was in over 50 cities and 25 countries worldwide. Online, a virtual ‘Wall of Resistance’ was built.
Physically, I joined a small physical protest for three hours outside the Chinese Embassy, 31 Portland Place, London. Flags and placards were provided.
At the start I held a South Mongolia flag. The main placard I held said something like ‘China – Stop Spying on Tibetan Families’ and ‘Resist China’. Time-lapse video of early protest here. Pics here.

Tibetan flagHow you can help: Tibet needs to be free of China. Help this cause by ensuring that the Tibetan flag becomes an official emoji. Sign here or here.
If you click on this flag image, another image will open that will explain the meaning of the flag's symbolism (from 
the 'Free Tibet School Pack'), as well as a simple introduction to Tibet and its culture.

In addition to Tibet, other groups have also been afflicted by the human rights atrocities or genocide by China. So we were also showing solidarity with: Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Uyghurs (East Turkestan), Southern Mongolia. One of the many chants was "China lies", to which we responded "People die". Although I feel we now need to be resisting so many governments, including the UK and USA, as they are complicit in the climate and ecological emergency and instrumental in so much other corruption related to oligarchic capitalism, this protest was about resisting China. The night before the protest, its logo and a video were projected onto the Houses of Parliament in London:

Resist China raised fist image projected onto Houses of Parliament, London on 30/9/2020

Gross National Happiness (GNH) [2020]

The 9 Domains of GNH by GNH Centre BhutanIn October 2020, PWP signed the ‘Charter for Happiness’, an expression of commitment to a new economic model – one that makes happiness and wellbeing our new bottom line.

Sign it here! [Also see ‘Money System’.]

End FGM/C [2020]
Global Platform for Action to End FGM/C logo
Alongside various organisations, PWP reaffirmed the call for gender equality by adding urgency to end Female Genital Mutilation and Cutting (FGM/C) by 2030. This was directed to the UN Women's Generation Equality campaign. [Also see 'Circumcision'.]

'Best Campaign' at Creative Green Awards [2020]
The word 'NO' at the British Museum, created by people with black umbrellas, photographed from aboveThe Campaign to end Oil Sponsorship, Art Not Oil Coalition is a loose coalition of organisations and artists that campaign collectively to end the oil sponsorship of cultural institutions in the UK. It aims to undermine the social legitimacy that firms such as BP and Shell seek from these partnerships. My part was simply signing a petition. More on it here, here. A video of the creative British Museum protest is here.

Kill the Bill [2021]
'Kill the Bill' XR poster that reads 'Better a toppled statue than a toppled democracy' 'Kill the Bill' protests have been many, partly in response to the UK Government plan to introduce more powers for the police to close down protests (
see here, here, here, here). Reasons include noise and annoyance - but these are key elements of a protest!
More than 600 civil society and protest groups have called for the government to drop the legislation, and a planned quick passage through parliament has already been delayed.
Effectively the Government is banning protests they don't approve of. This is well on the path to an authoritarian police state.
On 1st May I attended one such protest in Edinburgh, one of 46 happening in the UK. It was amazing to listen to a wide array of social organisations: Reclaim the Streets, BLM, LBGT, unions, travellers' support,
eviction support, socialists, CEE, and other grassroots movements. So many united in the pursuit of justice!

A Probiotic Life Starts at Birth posterA Probiotic Life: Microbiome [2021?]

Documentary film.

Contributed to its crowdfunding via Indiegogo, one of 104 funders.

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