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Sun graphic
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Sun Diet
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Fruit Diet
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Vegan Diet Woman
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Vegetarian Diet
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Fish Diet
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Insects Diet
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Meat Burger
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Lascaux cave painting
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The Honorable Harvest screenshot
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Gratitude Diet
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CO2e saved by diet
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Potato Cannibals
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Sun graphicThe Future of Diet

At the pinnacle and unlikely at our present state of evolution is no food (also called inedia or breatharianism). This is where we live off the non-physical life force or prana in the air. Prana’s main source is the sun. Anyone loudly claiming to do this is likely fraudulent and aiming for financial gain and/or guru glory. Also, it is probably not something willed, and is more likely to occur naturally, in an unforced way. Otherwise it is dangerous, even fatal. Anyway, this is how spiritual researcher Lilla Bek sees it in terms of the colours of our subtle energy system:

“When we reach a colour such as gold, we begin to raise the chakra system to a higher level of vibrations. If gold appears in the abdomen, it means that the area is working on a high energy. The coarseness will have disappeared, and, in theory, people with a lot of gold should need very little food. I think, in time, we will go back to being able to exist just on prana - energy from the air. We could, if we knew how to, live off energies around us - and I think that is where our future lies.” (Navel Chakra, track #2, 7m27s; excerpt)

Sun Diet (woman 'catches' sun)

Next best is fruitarian.
No plants were harmed in this diet, as fruits naturally detach.
Indeed, plants that produce fruit want their fruit to be eaten! By animals. They evolved like this. Seed dispersal is how plants survive and thrive. Ideally, you need to defecate on the ground afterwards (or similar), to maintain this cycle!
This diet may not be so easy if you live in cooler climates and care needs to be taken to receive adequate nutrients.
Humans themselves are 'eaten' in this way, as O.M. Aïvanhov explains:

“Every day we eat. But don’t be shocked if I tell you that we are also food for other entities. The entities of light take our good thoughts, our good feelings, and everything in us that is inspired by wisdom and love, and feed on it. They see us as trees producing flowers and fruit. When they come to pick them, they don’t break our branches, but water us and tend us, so that we may produce even more succulent fruit. But there are also dark entities, demons. They too need food, and they seek out human beings whose evil intentions and feelings are exquisite food for them; and so they rob them of all their energy, leaving them exhausted. There is nothing worse than being devoured by dark spirits, and nothing is more beneficial than serving as food for heavenly entities. And so initiates tell us that we should offer ourselves up each day to the Lord for him to feed on us. This image serves to show us that humankind’s spiritual ideal is to be absorbed by the Lord so as to dwell in him.”

Fruit Diet

Then comes vegan.
No animals were harmed nor their products stolen.
You can remove 90% of a plant without killing it. (The Guardian, posted 5 April 2020, accessed 23 November 2020).
Although plants do feel pain, we are talking about minimising obvious-to-humans type pain. Consider the words of Wooden Leg, a Cheyenne (Native American Wisdom anthology, Alan Jacobs, p.22):

"The old Indian teaching was that it is wrong to tear loose from its place on the earth anything that may be growing there. It may be cut off, but it should not be uprooted. The trees and the grass have spirits. Whenever one of such growths may be destroyed by some good Indian, his act is done in sadness and with a prayer for forgiveness because of his necessities..." 

Vegan Diet Woman

Then comes vegetarian.
No animals are killed. The issue that I struggled most in this diet is the attachment trauma involved with dairy, when calves are separated from their mothers.

Vegetarian Diet

Then perhaps there is pescatarian and/or insect-eater.
Fish/seafood and/or insects are added to a vegetarian diet. Both these diets are probably considered by many to be less pain-causing than a diet that kills species similar to us (i.e. other mammals).
  1. The pescatarian diet has been linked to longevity, although these days our oceans are so polluted with plastic and other poisons.
  2. The insect-eater diet could be a great way to feed a very populated world. Two billion people already eat insects! See here, here, here, here, here, here.
Fish Diet Insect Diet

Then there is meat-eating, usually with cultural constraints. Westerners probably find eating pets like dogs and horses disgusting, whilst Asians have eaten dogs for centuries.
For some, survival requires meat eating, like the Inuit winter diet.
Nowadays, cannibalism is seen as taboo by most, although it has been a last resort in some survival situations. It may also be practised by sadhus to show God is in all.
Eating placenta after birth helps contract the uterus, prevents haemorrhage, stabilises, aids breastfeeding, reduces postpartum depression, brings strength, creates positivity. All mammals do it, even herbivores.
Then there is slaughter-free meat made in the laboratory from cells of living animals. But it can still use dubious animal ingredients like unborn calf blood. It also perpetuates a need for meat, makes us reliant on tech and corporations. Nevertheless, it may be useful for feeding cats and dogs, if you are unsatisfied with vegan alternatives.

Meat Burger

Today, meat and fish eating is a major driver of biodiversity collapse (BBC, posted and accessed 6 May 2019). We threaten the extinction of a million species. 70% of agriculture is related to meat production. Such land use = biodiversity collapse .
Biodiversity collapse = human extinction. Do we want this? If no, stop eating meat!

Mention needs to be made of the difference in approach to hunting by indigenous hunters versus modern hunters, where the former generally approach the kill with respect and gratitude to the hunted, whilst the latter plunder with arrogance, self-aggrandisement and disregard for nature.

Lascaux cave painting
Lascaux cave painting (see here, here)

So, if you are going to eat meat - or anything really - it is suggested you practise some spiritual respect to nature (e.g. see here).

A screenshot from Robin Kimmerer's talk. It shows a flowery meadow on a mountain with various respectful ways to practise an honorable harvest.
The Honorable Harvest is from The Teachings of Grass of the Potawatomi, a Native American people
(See Robin Wall Kimmerer, YouTube, 2014, 12m45→; screenshot is ~17m22s)

Whatever you choose, let us do our best?
We minimise pain.
Let us be thankful for our food.

Gratitude Diet (heart-shaped fruit, etc.)
Transforming Diet
Graph showing the CO2-equivalent pollution saved of various diets, with veganism being the least polluting of 10 options
Graph showing the CO2-equivalent (CO2e) pollution saved of various diets.
This is if everyone was on that specific diet.
The x-axis is the CO2e of pollution saved by the diet, in gigatonnes per year.
The y-axis has 10 different diets. Veganism is the least polluting.
(CarbonBrief, cited by Mark Maslin, The Conversation, posted 12, accessed 14 August 2022)
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