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Anxious Woman (thesuccess, Morguefile)

  • Incapacitating the self to avoid preparing for a situation. (Paul Solomon)
  • Questions to Self: Do I need to work on being more present, more here-and-now? Or am I being nudged to handle something important? Will research help? Will careful exposure to the source of anxiety help? Will getting creative help?
  • Affirmation: "I will deal with it." "I will handle it." 
  • Similar emotions: Worry, Doubt, Fear, Nervous.
  • Opposite emotions: Peace.
Anxious Woman
  • Bach Flower RemediesAgrimony [false outer calm hiding inner conflict], Red Chestnut [over-concern about others], White Chestnut [repetitive thoughts].
  • California Flower Essences: Chamomile or Lavender [soothing], Filaree [obsessive worry about minor events].

Indeed, the reaction that underlies worry is the vigilance for potential danger that has, no doubt, been essential for survival over the course of evolution... the task of worrying is to come up with positive solutions for life’s perils by anticipating dangers before they arise.
The difficulty is with chronic, repetitive worries, the kind that recycle on and on and never get any nearer a positive solution.
(Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, p.65)
[Solution given (pp.68-69): self-awareness (spot it); relaxation exercises (practised daily; use when worry starts); critically challenge the worrisome thoughts.]

When you feel doubt and anxiety assailing your inner sky, diminishing your faith and your love, to the point of preventing you from seeing the splendour of creation, imagine you are sending rays of light into this fog; it may be thick, but it will eventually disappear. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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