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Masked Impostor Man
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Fall of Lucifer
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Impostor Syndrome

'Psychotherapist Rachel Buchan describes impostor syndrome as "an internal belief that you are not good enough or don't belong". She says the feeling is most commonly found in the workplace but can also manifest itself in other areas of life like social situations. It can affect people of all backgrounds, she says, and emerges for a variety of reasons including someone's upbringing, background and specific circumstances at the time.' (
BBC, posted and accessed 4 December 2018)


Impostor syndrome may stem from
childhood (e.g. self-worth issues). If so, work on self-love and self-worth.
It may be exacerbated by the fake images of perfect lifestyles portrayed by social media.
Or it can arise from being a minority (e.g. stepping into roles not usual for your gender or ethnicity or class or age). It is known that in our
male-centric society, women are more likely to feel impostors.

I'd like to offer another reason for it. Impostor syndrome might be an authentic signal that you are indeed an impostor! It would typically be felt by sensitive people who realise that something is not natural. This is likely to occur in an overly competitive environment, like in modern societies and especially in workplaces where it is indeed often found.
The flipside to this sensitivity is that the impostor feeling is easiest to ignore by non-empathetic people. Indeed psychopathy thrives in the workplace.
Competitive environments are not really the structure on which nature is based. Cooperation is usually the natural way, where there is less individualism and more support - and so impostor feelings will be less likely.

Thus, impostor syndrome can flag up that we are living in a financially unequal society, a dysfunctional system, far away from the needed cooperative Culture of Love.
Why is anyone allowed to earn an average annual salary in only three days? These are indeed impostors!!

Masked Impostor Man

And so, unlike some experts, I do not think that impostor syndrome is normal. They suggest it is normal because so many of us have it. I suggest the 'normality' of it instead reflects the abnormality of our society. As Krishnamurti said, "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." 
What can we do to recreate a more authentic and balanced society, where values like Love and Support, Equality and Justice are at its heart?

Finally, let us remember that on the one hand we are spirits of God and that we are therefore valuable and precious (never impostors), whilst on the other hand we need to feel some humility as servants of God (avoid getting flung out of Heaven like the prideful angels).

Fall of Lucifer

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