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Scottish Sun
(Bruce Mitchell)

Namibian Sun
(Bruce Mitchell)

Namibian Sun
(Bruce Mitchell)

Sun and Earth
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Solar Culture & Sun - Introduction

Omraam Mikhaёl Aїvanhov has spoken extensively about the sun and a future solar culture. The sun is like an easy-to-understand symbol for the Force (of Star Wars mythology) or the God (of religion). Also, when you consider the solar system as a representation of the human psyche, the sun is like our indestructible spirit. Its invisible energy reaches everywhere, bringing life. Its pervasive light and warmth are essential for our survival. It is both transcendent (the solar ball beyond our reach) and immanent (its energy touching everywhere). It brings enlightenment (light) and love (warmth).

sun through branches

The symbol for the Sun is

The dot represents the One and the circle is the All. This is a mysterious truth which transcends our logical understanding. The combination of individuality and everything is God or Love


Rudolf Steiner quoted in The Sun by Georg Blattmann:-

"This sun mystery was experienced as humanity’s greatest jewel. Under the Emperor Constantine, Christianity adopted an attitude which denied the sun. Through a modern knowledge of nature, the sun jewel must again be made to shine."

suggested that an excellent way to live is to put the sun at the centre of your life. In a world where holy people often have flaws, for me it seemed wise to use the solar symbol as the centre of my life. I'm a willing foot soldier for the cause of natural family living, and for me communing with the sun (and nature), even if in one's imagination, is part of natural family living. When my boys were babies, I sometimes took them in their sling to witness the sunrise. Spending time in nature, natural family living and solar living go well together!

Namibia sunrise

I feel it is a noble aspiration to become a living sun, as long as it is not done in a competitive way. So as to permeate the world with light and love and energy. I'd say this is the natural culmination of every human's life, to integrate and merge with this fabulous world of light. However, currently I am far from being there!
I have a love affair with the sun, but we need to become more intimate!


Here is a quote from the movie Home (official site here):-

"Everything in earth is linked. And the earth is linked to the sun, its original energy source. Can humans not imitate plants and capture its energy? In one hour the sun gives the earth the same amount of energy as that consumed by all humanity in one year. As long as the earth exists the sun's energy will be inexhaustible. All we have to do is stop drilling the earth and start looking to the sky. All we have to do is learn to cultivate the sun. All these experiments are only examples but they testify to a new awareness. They lay down markers for a new human adventure based on moderation, intelligence and sharing."

Can humans imitate the sun? Personally I feel this new solar culture will not only be external (e.g. harvesting physical solar energy with solar panels, and moving from being totally oil-dependent to totally sun-dependent), but internal (i.e. harvesting the energy of light and love in the mind of humanity). 

"The teaching of the sun is to give and to unite, for the sun gives its light, its warmth and its life to everyone regardless of their nationality, their race or their religion. When this heliocentric point of view penetrates our minds and is understood, life will be totally reorganised and will become universal. Humans will no longer be divided. There will be no more borders and no more wars. Everyone will move towards universal Brotherhood as taught by the sun. " (Omraam Mikhaёl Aїvanhov)

Sun and Earth

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