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Primate touch
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Hands! [One hand with a hand at each fingertip] Touch Quotes

The good news is that even if we haven’t had too much good touching as infants, we can still take in good touch at a later age. Indeed, this can go further. By learning positive responses to being touched, we can actually develop new neural pathways in the brain and catch up on experiencing good sensuality. So embarking on a series of touch games is a way of feeding information into our brains that we can use when appropriate. We can expand our knowledge and our range of sensual experience in this way. (Anne Hooper, Ultimate Sexual Touch, p.24)

Socializing Effects
We now know, through work with autistic children, that it is possible to introduce a human being to touch experience in order to change his or her perception of the world. The logical conclusion is that we may still be able to socialize unruly adults with some intense touch experience. Being kissed, cuddled, and stroked as babies is therefore vital to how responsive as partners we are in later life. (Anne Hooper, Ultimate Sexual Touch, p.24)

Primate touch [through glass at zoo]

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