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Pangaea animation (Wikimedia Commons)

(Bruce Mitchell)

Unity can be a win-win and peaceful way to view the world.

No arguments about which is the best country or continent, as at some points they were all joined together in supercontinents, like Pangaea. Yay, we are all great!

Pangaea animation
Pangaea animation

Ownership may be central to our legal system, but is it central to a system of Love?
8 people own as much as the poorest 50% of people (BBC; also see BBC). From a spiritual point of view, surely caring is more important than owning?
We must own and look after our bodies and self and care for family and/or loved ones - but all material things returns to Mother Earth.
Let us remember that Mother Earth is the real Owner.
Yay, Mother Earth is a unifying force common to us all! Let us care for Mother Earth!

Let us remember that most, if not all, humans expanded out of Africa, so we
are mostly of migrant origin. Only some humans from Africa are not migrants.
As at 2017, there is all this terror about human migration, the building of walls etc. 
But, Facts about Refugees show that only 20 of 3.25 million refugees welcomed to the USA have been convicted of terrorism on US soil. Anyway, we are mostly migrants. So, shall we build a wall between most humans? Nae, let us build bridges!
Yay, our species has a common place of origin. Let us celebrate our ancestral unity!

Let us remember the scientific origin of physical matter. Physically, we are all stardust (see here and here)! Yay, we are all made from the same physical stuff! We are One!

Let us remember we are all human, all animal. We need to care for each other and all of Creation. Yay, that we share our humanity, our animality!

Let us remember our spiritual origin.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."  (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)
Under the skin colour, under our biological sex, under the gender identity, under the sexual orientation, under our nationality, under our job, under our culture, under it all - we are spiritual beings, angels. Yay that we are all part of the one and only group!

In solar philosophy, the scientific fact that the energy of the Sun reaches everywhere in the solar system is also a spiritual truth. This omnipresence in nature is the symbol of a unifying spiritual force. Yay, we are all interconnected by the Sun!

The symbol for the Sun is

The dot represents the One and the circle is the All. This is a mysterious truth which transcends our logical understanding. The combination of individuality and everything is God or Love

Yay for Unity!


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