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Soul wants to
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Graphic of man juggling drugs Drugs - Esoteric Insight

Here are some quotes from spiritual teachers and researchers into the effect of drugs on humans.

With medicines and drugs, you have to be very careful. Because if you start taking these, you will feel stronger with these drugs in the beginning. The centres can look more beautiful, and with the solar plexus becoming like a huge, gleaming solar disc and looking very strong. But then through this overactivity, the centres begin to regress. Once the situation goes beyond a certain limit, chakras show brown, then reds, then show black, and then crack, as the energy starts to move out of its [geometrical] pattern. 
(Lilla Bek, How to Clear Chakras, track #1, 8m18sexcerpt

She goes on to say that the disturbance then affects the body chemistry.
She says that we want fast relief, but it would be better to use fasting:

People nowadays rely more and more on medicines. We dislike to have a headache, or any other ache in our body. Whatever happens to us, we do not react by fasting - but by taking all kinds of medicines into our system. We want fast relief, as we are far too busy to care for our bodies.
(Lilla BekHow to Clear Chakras, track #1, 10m16sexcerpt)

When you experience a physical or psychic malaise, do not try to get rid of it by immediately resorting to medication. First, consider that in giving you this pain, nature is pressing you to do work on the spiritual plane. Try to forget this discomfort for a moment, and meditate, pray, connect yourself to the light.
I am not saying that you can cure all your pains by means of thought. But instead of always choosing the easy way to rid yourself of the smallest aches and pains through external means such as tablets, pills and so on, first call upon a spiritual element. Try working with light, love, harmony and purity. Then, not only might you free yourself from this slight inconvenience, but your whole being will benefit from it, because the work you do in this way not only affects one particular condition within you, but your entire physical and psychic body. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

Poison bottle on table

I am against people taking drugs because, if you take a little too much, you lose your own awareness of Spirit in some ways. You cannot then be in touch with the Spirit, except through drugs. They can open up to Spirit, but in greatly overstimulating the solar plexus, you can become a very self-centred individual. The solar plexus is also closely linked with the ego - 'I in us' - whereas what we want to be linked with is the 'I am'. (Lilla BekSolar Plexus Chakra, track #4, 7m17s; excerpt)

The brown colour [in the heart area] shows that you are unhealthy. If people take too many medicines or drugs, the brown will persist in the heart, and eventually, through the latter losing its connection with the highest aspect of self, because of the overactivity of the chakra, the heart muscle deteriorates. (Lilla BekHeart Chakra, track #3, 10m10s; excerpt)

When black appears in the heart, we are in great danger. Black often appears in the heart areas of murderers and black magicians. Hate and wickedness makes the heart go red then black, and means that there is a block in energies. This can also occur from extreme emotions and hard drugs. We need to then regularly cleanse and purify, and someone else may need to help us. (Adapted from Lilla BekHeart Chakra, track #4, 3m24sexcerpt)

Seated person on rail tracks using drugs at night

A prime reason that accelerates deterioration of energies is that the organs of the body fail to clear. I have found that young people can misuse their bodies by taking perhaps drugs and alcohol, but providing they have very strong organs, and breathe well, take part in sport, it seems that everything in their bodies appears to continue functioning well, and the etheric tends to stay clear. (Lilla BekHow to Clear Chakras, track #1, 0m12s; excerpt)

The third eye is fed by what you put into your mind. The veils of the third eye seem to dissolve with spiritual work. If the veils of the third eye are forcibly removed - as with spiritual greed, an accident, the wrong teacher, surrounded by too many stimulations, drugs - your third eye is shocked. Then you are likely to become an oversensitive instrument, and have difficult relationships. (Adapted from Lilla BekThird Eye Chakra, track #1, 7m9s; excerpt)

We should not really need any form of initiation. Life in itself initiates us, and so we find that the heart centre is [the] one that takes the brunt of most of the troubles, and in fact here is a place which should be calm, because it is so vital to our health. But the pattern here is often disturbed by all the things people use, like medicines, drugs, drink and cigarettes. Any kind of forced stimulant to the body consciousness tends to react very strongly in the etheric, or around the heart area. It is also extremely vulnerable to relationships. (Lilla Bek, Colours in the Chakras and Aura (Part One), track #4, 3m44s; excerpt)

Drink & drugs at bar

So; opium. Heroin. I've never had any temptation to find higher things that way, or with any medicine plant. There was always far too much going on in my soul already.
(Asha Elijah, posted 11 January 2021, accessed 29 September 2021)

Those who desire to remain intoxicated by Reality do not require artificial intoxicants. Indulging in false things will only increase falsity, for every direction is indeed infinite. Those who desire the truly genuine Thing proceed of themselves with great intensity so as to progress in their sadhana [spiritual practice]. (Anandamayi Ma)

Skull & Crossbones made of drugs

The realm of the soul is infinite space. Thus, when a being’s soul feels restricted, it seeks to escape at all costs and presses its host to provide the means. Those who are incapable of providing their soul with elements of a spiritual nature will be driven to seek material substances, that is to say alcohol or drugs. For alcohol and drugs have the ability to release the soul from the physical body giving it, if only briefly, the illusion of freedom and space.
However, alcohol and drugs are but chemical substances given to the body. Yet the body itself has no need to escape; the need to escape comes from the soul. Drinking or drug use is a sign that the soul is seeking to travel in infinite space. But as this means of escape can never satisfy it, not only does the soul continue to languish, the body itself is also destroyed. Only spiritual means can meet the soul’s need to swell freely in space.
(O.M. Aïvanhov)

Soul wants to escape to Infinity

Each of us possesses a soul, and this soul has needs. If so many human beings are unconscious of these needs, it is because they have stifled them by leading a life without ideals. But these needs are there, and sometimes they manifest in people but they do not understand the language. All these dangerous experiments – like drugs for example – that today tempt young people as well as adults, are expressions of something they are lacking, a call of the soul, hungry for the infinite, and demanding to be nourished.
Indeed, what is left for the soul in a society which flouts all belief in a divine world, and in which political rivalries and economic and social success are held up as ideals?
Since we deprive the soul of the spiritual foods it needs to be able to soar into space, it looks for these elements in the material realm, in substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs, all that we call ‘artificial paradises’. But then these substances destroy humans physically and psychically. (O.M. Aïvanhov)

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