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Various Drugs
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Various types of drugs Drugs 

We live in a Drug Culture.
We need to live in a Culture of Love.
  1. A Drug Culture includes 'recreational' drugs, illegal or not, like caffeine, marijuana, alcohol. Caffeine disrupts sleep. Excessive alcohol use is heavily associated with violent crime - see here. Drugs + Sex risk STDs.
  2. A Drug Culture includes 'spiritual' drugs, like psychedelics or hallucinogenics. People think it is a quick way to God, but drugs can in fact block spiritual awareness and eventually damage or destroy our chakra system. It can also destabilise the body and brain, weakening the body's biochemistry and immune system. Read more here.
  3. A Drug Culture includes PEDs (Performance-Enhancing Drugs), typically used to look good or be the 'best', like steroids. Do you want to cheat and damage your health for false glory, or have character and integrity?
  4. A Drug Culture includes drugs for animals and crops. Factory farming is especially damaging. Intensive use of antibiotics makes animals grow faster on less food, but it's turning healthy farm animals into disease factories that threaten human life (e.g. see here, here). Pesticides kill our bees, poison our food and are really bad for human health (e.g. see here). 
  5. A Drug Culture includes medical drugs, which is big business. Money making has been prioritised over health. Public money may fund initial research, but our billions are then usurped by Big Pharma, which demands extortionate prices that even the NHS cannot afford. Medicines, if they must be used, and if they are publically funded, need to be accessible and affordable (see here, here). 
  6. A Drug Culture includes medical drugs, which is not necessarily health! Drugs merely manage disease, whereas a healthy lifestyle enhances health. Drugs have side-effects and make people passive. Drugs desecrate our microbiome and thus both physical and mental health (see here, here, here). Chronic drug use weakens our immune system, as well as the efficacy of drugs (see here). Medical drugs rarely target the root cause of our distress.
Syringe, drugs, money

But are we really loving our bodies and souls when we pump ourselves and nature full of these drugs? Life may be hard and there may be some people that really need drugs, but frequent and regular drug use is surely a disaster. Therefore,
avoid them, use them wisely if at all, minimise them.

I don't see much difference between these areas of drug use.
I therefore disagree with the War on Drugs, which basically makes non-medical drugs illegal and bad. This leads to: hiding mental health problems, criminalising drug users, funding terrorism, intimidating whole countries, creating huge drug cartels with their associated crime and extreme violence.

Criminalisation of drug users is far more harmful than the effects of the drugs. So, I applaud countries like Portugal, Netherlands and Colombia (e.g. see here, here).

Opponents of recreational drug legalisation say it introduces young people to drug use, but they were already introduced to drugs in the womb, at birth, in childhood – and they watched their parents get relief from tea/coffee/alcohol/tobacco/medical drugs, etc.

As Iceland discovered, young people don't actually want to use drugs!! They want to be able to lead happy, healthy lives. So, we need to discover what we are doing that is blocking this natural drug-free desire in youth!

We need Gross National Happiness. We need to bring mental health issues to light. The money spent on drug enforcement should rather be spent on the health improvement of drug users.

Syringe with ? bottles

Drug addiction and poor attachment is partly derived from medical drug use at birth and in early life. Drugs at birth disrupt attunement and bonding between mother and child. Both are less alert, and breastfeeding is difficult to establish. We need natural birth. We must build babies, not jails.

Surely we need to take the time to truly care for our physical bodies and our souls?

"Each of us possesses a soul, and this soul has needs. If so many human beings are unconscious of these needs, it is because they have stifled them by leading a life without ideals. But these needs are there, and sometimes they manifest in people but they do not understand the language. All these dangerous experiments – like drugs for example – that today tempt young people as well as adults, are expressions of something they are lacking, a call of the soul, hungry for the infinite, and demanding to be nourished. Indeed, what is left for the soul in a society which flouts all belief in a divine world, and in which political rivalries and economic and social success are held up as ideals? Since we deprive the soul of the spiritual foods it needs to be able to soar into space, it looks for these elements in the material realm, in substances such as tobacco, alcohol and drugs, all that we call ‘artificial paradises’. But then these substances destroy humans physically and psychically." (O.M. Aïvanhov)

We need a Culture of Love.

Water bubbles

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Cartoon of ancient Atlas putting the planet Earth on his shoulders. Meanwhile, in the background, the PED Drug Test Centre say, "Atlas! We require a small sample." Atlas thinks to himself, "Uh oh!"

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