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Many of the drugs commonly used in the prevention and cure of illness can impair sexual performance, as can alcohol and illicit “recreational” drugs such as cocaine... Alcohol is a brain depressant. In small amounts, it reduces anxiety and inhibition, and this may allow sexy feelings to emerge that otherwise would not be given the chance. In larger doses, however, alcohol rapidly impairs physical and mental functions, including sexual response, in both men and women. It reduces testosterone levels, and many men find it difficult to get an erection when they are drunk. Barbiturates and other hypnotic drugs have a similar action.
Antidepressant drugs have mixed effects on sensuality. They may bring back desire and sensual sensation after these have been dampened down by depression, but they also tend to impair the mechanics of orgasm. It is usually only by coming off antidepressants that a person can get his or her sexual desire, arousal, and performance fully back to normal again. (Anne Hooper in her book Ultimate Sexual Touch, pp.128-129)

A study using mice found that cocaine caused more damage to adolescent brains than to brains of adults or babies. Researchers believe that other drugs have a similar special effect on teenagers. (Nicola Morgan, Blame My Brain, p.153)

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