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Inner Game is a crucial life skill that enhances all our relationships!

Inner Game is things like:-
  • Being present here-and-now. You are not trapped in past conditioning. It is the natural state of animals. You are guided by intuition and curiosity.
  • Being aware of your body. You feel what is happening in your body without zoning out or stopping it (unless it is harmful!). People who work intensely with their body are said to be better at this (e.g. martial artists, dancers).
  • Awareness of your environment. See what draws your attention.
  • Inner confidence and curiosity that arises naturally.
  • Virtue or work that you have done to create an authentic, good human being. It may arise from how you were raised.
These sorts of things allows authentic relating.
It is more about connection (after the initial attraction).

For inner game and men, I highly recommend the
Authentic Man Program
They talk about presence, appreciation and integrity.  
This is what women and humans are looking for.
Their Foundations of Inner Game program is brilliant!
This is their Tree of Inner & Outer Game taken from that program, which suggests being rooted in Inner Game will make Outer Game feel far easier:

Tree of Inner & Outer Game graphic by AMP
Tree of Inner & Outer Game by AMP

Free, if you subscribe to their newsletter, is their 39 page PDF The Top 10 Inner Game Sticking Points & How to get Un-Stuck - available here.

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For inner game and women, I highly recommend Authentic Women Experience (AWE).

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