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Sun Presence
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Sun Presence Presence Not Presents 

"One of the greatest gifts you can give
to anyone
is the gift of attention."
(Jim Rohn)

Beach Couple

This is Inner Game.
This is about being present with your environment, with the humans around you, with your lovers.
You sink into your body, feel what is happening there.
You also are aware of what is attracting your attention externally.
You can breathe love in and out.

When interacting with others you bring the gift of compassionate presence.
You allow natural curiosity to guide you.
You appreciate what the world brings to you, whilst also behaving with integrity.

Present-Connected graphic

AMP (accessed 12 April 2011) teaches this:

"PRESENCE is the key to creating attraction with women… without even the use of words. What women crave, more than anything else, is for you to be fully in the moment and AWARE of yourself, her, and your environment around you. You can memorize a bunch of lines or techniques to temporarily "spike attraction"…but if you want to create sustained SEXUAL ATTRACTION without a song-and-dance, you need to cultivate Presence."

Night-time Couple

Personal Life Media (accessed 11 June 2012) also teaches it:
"A woman wants four things from her man:
(1) Your presence
(2) Your attention
(3) To talk about feelings
(4) To feel turn-on"

Using resources/money/presents as the way to bed women or as the basis of a relationship is surely doomed?
Don't believe movies or advertising.
Diamonds are not a girl's best friend.
What happens when you are dispossessed?
What do you do when someone richer or sexier comes along?
Can you buy love?
Your compassionate presence and erotic vigilance are a girl's dream.
When evolutionary attraction triggers (e.g. resources, physical sexiness) dwindle, love is actually about genuine connection.
Are you present with her?
Or are you buying her?

You have the ability of presence now!
Or at least you can nurture it.
It is free.
It is simple.
Animals - like dogs - have it in abundance.
It can be used with everyone and everything.
You begin to bring love to everything around you...

Dog Presence

When you know someone well, of course you will exchange material gifts.
What happens when one side is far wealthier? The inequality makes it more complex. One person I know of did not reveal his wealth during courting, but only after they were married.

Surely you don't want to base your relationship with the world on money, on resources?
However, you need to learn to survive in your environment.
But when you have the luxury of being able to enhance your relationships, what are you going to do?

The answer is surely Presence, not presents?

Sun Presence

This is the 1st article on 'Presence Not Presents' and focuses on Men & Dating.

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