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Present Meerkat
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Awakening Presence
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Practising Presence
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Enthusiastic Presence
(johnhain, Pixabay)
Present Meerkat Presence 

Presence is a key skill in relationships.
Animals are naturals at it.
Humans are less so.
For most of us, presence can emerge or awaken from a turbulent life story and its constrictive emotional conditioning, insecurities and insensitivities.

Awakening Presence

Presence has been formulated by Bryan Bayer as:

Own Body Awareness
Spatial Awareness (what's going on around you)
Being Here Now

It is something that we can practise.
For example:-
  • Be aware how you are breathing, where you may be holding tension in your body.
  • Turn off the smart phone. What is happening in your immediate environment? 
  • Slow down. Continue to be here now. Where does your curiosity or intuition take your attention? Suppressed thoughts, feelings and situations may emerge for clearing and/or healing.
Practising Presence

We do need memory to function in this world, otherwise we would never remember who anyone is, could not function really, etc.
So, by being present, we are not oblivious to the past or the future!
We are enthusiastically centred in the present, yet with an awareness of past events and future possibilities.
Presence is a foundation from which we can then act.
We can spring forth fully alive (more on this in forthcoming articles on 'Appreciation' and 'Integrity').

Enthusiastic Presence

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