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Power to the Babies! (Bruce Mitchell)
Prenatal Bonding

MotherbabyPrenatal Bonding is a time when we need to welcome the consciousness that is incarnating.
This consciousness is sentient and is supported by loving and luminous interaction. Sobonfu Somé in her book Welcoming Spirit Home: Ancient African Teachings to Celebrate Children and Community describes how her Dagara tribe in West Africa spiritually communicate with the child both before conception and during pregnancy. During pregnancy, they have a shrine for the baby so that all the community can welcome and commune with the baby. This is an intentional attunement where they also listen for the baby's communications.

Prenatal Bonding is when women have the most influence on the world, and also on men. This is because the pregnant woman can infuse her unborn child with her most luminous and loving thoughts. This creates children that will bring peace and harmony to our world.

Omraam Mikhaёl Aїvanhov describes this prenatal bonding in Education Begins Before Birth, and stresses its importance in this quote:

"Many people say they are concerned for future generations, as they sense the dangers threatening the future of humanity. Well, they should be more concerned with the way they bring children into the world: this is much more important than thinking about the material conditions they will live in.
Fortunately, more and more doctors, nurses and psychologists understand the importance of the period when the mother is carrying her baby. In fact, in its mother's womb, the child is already a being endowed with consciousness of a kind, so the mother can relate with it and have an influence over it. When women realize the extent of their power, they will understand that they are stronger than all the material means for dealing with the threats hanging over the future of humanity. The future is in their hands. If, during the nine months a mother carries her child, she makes the effort to send it her best thoughts, feelings and wishes, she will form a being who is later capable of bringing peace, harmony and light into the world. And the child's father must support her in her efforts."

Baby-before-birth is imprinted by the state of being of the mother, and also father and community. During the transition from Spirit World to Earth, babies are in a 'heightened state of awareness, impressionability, and energetic permeability' (Dr Wendy McCarty, Welcoming Consciousness, p.103). A blueprint for life is created. Our energetic environment deeply etches in our self-image, our self-worth. This influence is far more significant than, for example, commercial/technological/educational stimulation programmes.
This imprinting also applies to birth and infancy.
However, any disruption or negative effects can be healed, especially as we reconnect with the transcendental Self or Angel that we really are. The important thing is to do the best we can in providing a loving, luminous, listening, harmonious environment for the spiritual Self incarnating into baby.

Prenatal Bonding explained with Heart Intelligence
The human heart predates the human brain: four weeks vs. third trimester of pregnancy. The heart is not merely a pump. It is also a seat of intelligence. It acts as a 'brain' independent of the skull brain. It produces the body's strongest electromagnetic field. Compared to the brain, the heart is 60 times stronger electrically, 5000 times stronger magnetically.

Further, brain rhythms synchronise naturally with heart rhythms. Brain rhythms will also synchronise with heart rhythms of nearby people, especially those with hearts that are filled with love and appreciation.

Experiments by the Institute of HeartMath showed that the heart and brain responded to randomised events seconds prior to them being chosen by a computer, and that the heart was the first to respond.

All this points to the heart as the interface between the Spiritual World and the physical universe.
And that consciousness is our primary state, not the brain! And that intuition is the primary sense or knowing from which the other senses form. (Adapted from Dr Wendy McCarty, Welcoming Consciousness, pp.117-118 & 207-213)

when the mother produces her best thoughts and feelings, it is in the baby's heart that they are embedded. Likewise with the positive energies of their village. These patterns guide the individual throughout their life.

Power to the Babies!
Power to the Babies!

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