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Vaccination cartoon Vaccination Quotes

If the vaccines are effective, then those who get vaccinated should have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated.
(Barbara Loe Fisher cited in ‘Vaccine Debate’ article, Mothering #155, July-August 2009, p.46)

I would rather use the long-term, tried-and-true ways to prevent epidemics – sanitation, nutrition, hygiene, health-awareness – and save the emergency measures, like mass vaccinations, for true emergencies.
(Howard Morningstar, MD, cited in ‘Vaccine Debate’ article, Mothering #155, July-August 2009, p.51)

Natural Healthy Woman

In order to understand the 'safety' of vaccines you have to know several things, including how a baby's immune system works from birth onwards, and what vaccines do biochemically in the body. That work has never been done. (Hilary Butler)

One study published in the March 2009 Pediatrics, suggests that children who get measles are less likely to have allergies.
(‘Vaccine Debate’ article, Mothering #155, July-August 2009, p.46)

Earth Vaccination

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