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Artificial Wombs 2

This is a response to EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility, a video by Hashem Al-Ghaili (8m39s, YouTube, posted 9 December 2022, accessed 3 May 2023).

(1) These do NOT replicate the exact conditions inside a woman's uterus. How will it replicate when a mother craves an unusual food in pregnancy? Where is her energy? Any psychic interaction is likely to be diminished or absent. The mother is not forced to slow down and adapt to her new life as a mother, which will compromise the baby-mother bonding and her ability to mother naturally.

(2) The environment of the baby and mother are completely different, which is likely to be harmful, or at least produce a mismatch.
Even with the home version of the pod, the environments are different.

(3) It relies on IVF, claiming this will tend to avoid biological hurdles. Yet, IVF has a low ~30% success rate at best.

(4) All gone are the benefits of natural pregnancy and birth, such as its initiation, such as the flow of love hormones, such as orgasmic birth, such as the peak experience and intense bonding at the moment of birth.

(5) Everything is contracted out to Big Tech. Corporate-led is a highway to Hell, as evidenced by the bitter fruits of capitalism and the Climate & Ecological Emergency.
Beware the glamour of new technology.

(6) The 'elite package' normalises inequality.

(7) This is factory farming of humans. Grotesque, evil. It is so likely to be used for eugenics by authoritarian governments, as it can mass produce babies, as it monitors for genetic abnormalities and defects could be discarded.

(8) It does not understand Barry Commoner's third law of ecology: Nature knows best. Humankind has fashioned technology to improve upon nature, but such change in a natural system is likely to be detrimental to that system. The artificial womb is a fake womb. The genetic engineering of embryos is as likely to fail as genetically engineered crops (see here, here, here) = it will be a disaster. Except perhaps in rare cases, this tech is a poor second to a real mother and tribe.

(9) The whole system bypasses any human effort and any collective effort at perfecting the process of pregnancy and birth. The main beneficiaries are Big Tech, Big Money, Government.

(10) Big Tech accesses so much of your personal data from pre-birth. It is not only mass baby farming, it is mass data farming. It enables cyberocracy.

(11) EctoLife is not reinventing evolution. It is disrupting evolution. Just like Big Tech and Big Money is disrupting Mother Earth.

Finally an adapted comment under the video on ~2/2023 by Dr Thomas R Verny:

This is truly alarming. Renee Spitz, in 1945 compared children in a foundling home with children with mothers in prison. Although the children in the foundling home received excellent care which consisted of being changed and receiving food, they were in separate rooms with no contact to adults or other children. They all developed what Spitz called "anaclitic depression" or "hospitalism"  with the exception of one child whose cot was in the hallway where nurses would pass all day. The children in the prison with their mothers thrived. The children in the foundling home showed retarded growth in every area of function.
Harry and Margaret Harlow, 1950s, University of Wisconsin, separated baby monkeys from their mothers. As a result these children became seriously depressed and vicious when in the company of other monkeys later on. Babies in the womb, like children after birth, need their mothers to grow normally. No amount of artificial hormonal cocktail or sound piped in can duplicate the feeling of being inside a living, breathing, feeling body.
The idea of raising 30,000 humans in  plastic containers is barbaric and would produce, without doubt, vicious unfeeling and deeply disturbed individuals.

When will we respect and return to the ways of Nature??

A dark-haired pregnant woman stands by a moss-covered in a forest. She lovingly strokes and gazes at her pregnant belly.

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