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Skull graphic with question marks coming out of it Mental Health

Mental Health is trending. We have stars like Lady Gaga, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Ryan 'Deadpool' Reynolds admitting to issues like PTSD, depression and anxiety.

And so, there is a huge surge in spotting it, handling it, even revisiting the past with stories of how poorly it has been handled. People can become survivors of self-harm, of suicidal tendencies, of so many labels - without being ridiculed. And we think we are coping with this new challenge, personally and as a society.

My issue with all this is
that I believe mental health issues are a response to a dysfunctional society.

So, I believe the default view on all this is reversed. The default view is that these people are to be pitied, supported and helped. They need to be spotted and integrated into our supposedly healthy society.

But what if these people are sensitive mirrors that show us the sickness in our society?
And so, we need to do more than expose and label the issue, more than get them to adjust to our dysfunctional society.
We need to spotlight the practices that perpetuate it all.
For example, all that running around after money, is this something that is mental health? Corporate greed and the Rat Race? For me, it is slavery to capitalism.
And what about all the separative, even hateful politics?
So, we need to massively transform society to one based on Love.
Read more at: Success for Society, Solar Culture, Culture of Love.

Okay Sun Girl

And what about the sacredness of the incarnating soul?
Humans are grown and born as Beings of Love. However, in the womb and at birth and after birth through childhood, we are doing so many things that corrupt the Being of Love.
This is why I believe we need to build babies, not jails. There would be far fewer criminals around if we manage this.
There would be far fewer people with mental health issues.
Early intervention is key. That means getting things right like Attachment Parenting, Natural Birth, Breastfeeding, Natural Education.

So, we need early intervention by:-
Labels and pity and support coping are great, but not enough.

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." (Krishnamurti)

Floral watercolour

  • Every Mind Matters (NHS) [Quiz, free plan, expert advice, practical tips].
  • Mind to Mind [This Scottish NHS Inform website features over 30 videos from people who have experienced their own challenges, each sharing their tips and techniques for getting through life’s ups and downs].
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A beautiful pond with large stepping stones. A spiritual woman kneels on one of the stepping stones. Her hands are outstretched and she appears to be communing with the universe.

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